Tuesday, July 16, 2013

DVD Box Series #1 Masters of Horror

This is the first in a long line of segments dedicated to really REALLY cool dvd/blu-ray releases of hits or even misses. You ever just walk by a release and say “wow” the release has you step back a moment and enjoy, this is even more true when you have and want to actively display this wonder. As I feel you have to have a release in order to properly enjoy it I will only Blog about releases that I own. I will also group some together unless the releases have an individual light that they can be enjoyed with.

My first target is a horror series called “Masters of Horror”. It is a nice horror series that is broken up into hour long episodes that are directed and written by masters in the field. The show itself is very fun overall as it is very likely you will at least enjoy and/or hate an episode or two with the variety of different styles of writing and direction available. This is one of those series that true horror fans need to rush too much like one would for “Tales of the Crypt”.

Well the series is a fun thing to talk about but this is not the main interest that brought it to this blog (shoot the release could be cool yet the actual movie or show could be crap). I will be following this with a rating on the case, the content and the quality of the show giving a final combined rating that will be the mean of the scores.

We already talked about how I enjoyed this particular products quality so I give it a 7/10 in that area.

Season 1 Set:
Season 2 Set:

The packaging is very cool and the main reason for my blog report. Season one is designed as a cardboard crypt. As you take off the roof you are greeted with each individual episode disc in a little paper slip. This makes it easy to access your content without too much effort. The downside for this and the second series is the clear plastic case the whole set comes in is very cheap and is only meant to be opened and closed a few times without breaking. The set itself is not solidly built and tends to not fit quite as well after a few times using. I am glad for the paper slips though leaving the discs in little hangers to be relatively safe. Season two is in a better built set resembling a human skull which looks very cool. As you take out the top you can see that the brains are actually the episode discs in cute little holders. I do feel this is more solid but do worry about the disc condition as there is no real protection in this set. Overall these are cool to look at yet the builder did not fully think things through when completing this for disc protection or sturdiness. I give this a 7/10 for the pure coolness of the visual.

The special features on this are nothing extra special. There is no bonus disc or cool little booklet to fill you in. It is simply the individual episode discs (previously sold separately) and the features included therein. With that said there are still a significant amount of extra content on these discs including featurettes and little fun facts that make the viewing of each episode more enjoyable. As this is nothing special to the set I feel the individual features stand well on their own I give this a 7/10 on extra content.

In the end here is the summary:
Case:                                        7/10
Content:                                   7/10
Quality of the Show:                 7/10
            Total Rating:              7/10

Now I am sure you are asking yourself “where can I get this and what will it cost me?” I love dealoz.com as it helps me check many many stores at one time for the best deal. I will give you the best used and new price as per that site*.

*Please note that these deals change day to day so the prices could get better or worse. The prices are for these specific editions so you may find the show for a better deal.  

Season 1:         New     $28.13 (Amazon.com)
                        Used    $25.79 (Amazon.com)

Season 2:         New     Not Available
                        Used    $246.27 (Amazon.com UK )

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