Saturday, August 17, 2013

DVD Box Series #2 NIS America

Hello again I am going to pick anime as my next selection it as it makes up a lot of my collection. This time I am targeting a specific company as the releases are very similar in the packaging. NIS America has been known in the past for producing video games such as the Disgaea series they have since been regarded as a place that publishes premium video games that don't typically come to this side of the world. NIS decided to expand it's reach to the world of anime trying to find a title that is unlikely to get published here. They are even willing to take suggestions as to what series they release 

The packaging in this set is very nice the outer cover is a hard cardboard with two slim cases inside containing the DVD/Blurays and a hardcover colorfully illustrated book detailing different things from the series you have purchased. The booklet has a wonderful level of detail and the set makes for a wonderful display for any collector. I would give the case on these sets an 8/10. 

The special features on these sets are not a lot to look into unless you include the booklet which does give you nice inside pieces such as relationship charts scene explanations and more. The on disc features are kind of lacking so once you are finished with book you are just left with the show. I have to give this a 6/10 for the lack of on board content. 

Now these sets have varying quality depending on the show. NIS has managed to obtain some premium shows that you previously would not find elsewhere so you are usually guaranteed at least a fair quality show if not on the excellent level. Also many of the first run shows such as Wagnaria and Pandora Hearts came with disc quality problems so I will be putting this in my rating of a 6/10 

In the end here is the summary:
Case:                                        8/10
Content:                                   6/10
Quality of the Show:                 6/10
            Total Rating:              7/10

Now I am sure you are asking yourself “where can I get this and what will it cost me?” I love as it helps me check many many stores at one time for the best deal. is also a good place as these sets when they start to go out of print. I will give you the best used and new price as per that site*.

*Please note that these deals change day to day so the prices could get better or worse. The prices are for these specific editions so you may find the show for a better deal.  

Average set:     New     $41-150
                        Used    $30-180

Please keep in mind that these sets are premium and limited in their release so the prices go up once they have gone out of print. Happy Hunting! 

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