Saturday, November 14, 2015

DVD Movie Review #173 Ju-On White Ghost/Black Ghost

Hello again and welcome back to my DVD movie reviews. This time I am covering the two short movies in the Ju-On series that are combined into one 2 hour film. The series is one that I have enjoyed overall but that the series has a bit of a hit or miss aspect to it. We have good films and bad films (I'm talking about you Grudge 3!). With the blue ray being $5 I had to get this in order to peak my interest.

This is a bunch of short films following a group of people effected by the curse. We are treated to seeing one after the other meet their grizzly demise as we know the curse can never be defeated so tough luck to those with it. The two movies are basically more of the same with the short films interconnecting in ways that leave you with a better understanding at the end of the film.

This film does have a lot of scares to them that the Ju-On series only can provide. I like the way that the stories intertwine and how the characters almost all are connected to one another in the end leaving you wanting to re-watch it and see the different interconnections. The atmosphere is very tense and leaves you on the edge of your seat at times wondering what will come next.

The effects on this film appear to be at the level of a small step below the Sharknado Series and that isn't very good at all. One of the main ghosts is just a little girl wandering around in an obvious rubber mask. Maybe I just don't get the Japanese but the acting in this is over done and really not good at all. I always seem to be left with this when watching a Japanese live action film and this is worse than most. It seems like the actors really REALLY want you to know the emotion they are feeling at anytime. This like the movies is a very bleak series and there isn't much feel good at the end of this series of short films so be prepared for this.

In the end this film could have been something with some better acting and a tad more money. It is a shame but it is worth viewing on your Netflix Lineup.

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