Sunday, November 1, 2015

DVD Movie Review #172 The Lazarus Effect

Welcome to the next edition of my DVD Movie reviews. Today I am reviewing the film Lazarus Effect. I saw the commercials for this when it was in theaters and felt that it looks like it might be a tad scary. When I saw it at movie stop for $10 I said to myself "ooooo a new film for $10 on blu ray!" I would have had this review earlier but due to watching this a while back I fell asleep and didn't finish the film. The film is now finished and I am ready again.

This film revolves around a group that has tested out an elixer that is supposed to prolong the lives of people in comas in order to better try and save them. What they found instead through illegal experimentation was that it actually can bring the dead back to lives with very odd side effects. When confronted with the death of his long term fiance out main doctor does the extra mile and uses his serum to bring her back with disastrous results.

This movie had at least a small budget as the effects were fun to look at. When the story got going and the scares started coming they were pretty good jump scares with an intriguing backstory tied in. Finally they had a really nice looking dog in the film and who can't like a nice dog?

This film's negative outweigh the positives. I felt that they really didn't have the timing right here when they decided to write the film. When you have an 86 minute film don't spend 2/3 of the film on exposition to explain the last 1/3 of the film. This is boring and this is what put me to sleep. I have been talking about likable characters lately with my previous two review as important points and one of the reasons When Marnie was there only got an 8 when it was closer normally to a 9. In here the characters are not detestable but you really don't feel they are worth getting to know as many of them are self serving people with their own agendas. They then take one of the most likable ones and do a 180 with her but I won't go too much into it. Did I mention again how really nothing happens until the last 3rd of the film? When it does it happens fast and ends abruptly sort of like a car crash where you are left unconscious and you end up waking up in the hospital wondering what happened. The character changes are offered with only the barest of explanation even though we were given 2/3 of the movie in order to learn about the characters, how the serum worked and that there was something wrong with it. This movie could have been much better with a little less exhibition in places and more where it mattered.

A Lack Luster film that did not live up to the hype yet worth a watch on HBO should you have it.


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