Sunday, October 18, 2015

DVD Movie Review #171 Boxtrolls

Hello again and welcome to my DVD movie reviews. This time I am covering the movie Box Trolls. In Preparation for Oscar Season I watched this film with a friend and enjoyed it at that time. When I got the opportunity to pick up the Blu Ray for $5 I had to do so. I hope that you enjoy the film as much as I did.

Long ago a group of Box Trolls Stumbled on a baby and adopted him as one of their own. During that time the missing baby resulted in the Box Trolls being blamed for all the evils in the sleepy little town. With that the town exterminator has vowed to take out all the Box trolls in order to earn a place in the coveted white hat society. When his adopted father is Captured the baby now a young boy called "eggs"s must find and rescue his father by befriending a young girl with strong ties to the White hat group.

This film is by the animation studio responsible for films like Coraline and Paranorman. Due to this Box Trolls is a very appropriate Halloween Treat. The animation work that went into this is amazing leaving you fascinated (I suggest checking out the special features on creation to see.) The music is fun and the plot itself is interesting enough to hold your attention. Finally the music and voice acting are provide a welcome accompaniment to the series.

This is a very weak film from these people. I have to wonder if their writing has just deteriorated after the major class that you got with Coraline. The characters are kind of hard to like overall with the lead female almost being unlikable. The biggest issue is that the story was odd but lacked any real depth that would make this a film worthy of the others by this company. It suits for a children's movie but really doesn't stretch to meet the need for full family involvement.

In the end this is a delightful children's movie but it requires a bit of a pull in order to expand to a wider audience. Though if you haven't seen it yet it is worth a rent.

Rating 6/10

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