Sunday, October 4, 2015

DVD Movie Review #166 Chobits

Hello all and welcome to my DVD and movie review. I have enjoyed some series that are staples of the anime genre. This is one of those harem types that one needs to have in the collection. I had this before on what I felt were official region one DVDs but realized now that they are in region 0 and I am trying not to have knock offs in my collection. When Funimation re-released this on blue ray a few years back I had to jump on board. Now I have watched it again and have a different opinion.
So we enter the world of an average college hopefull moving to Tokyo to start his cramming. In this future the majority of computers are replaced by humanoid computers called Persacoms. Our hero discovers one such simply disguarded in the trash the good hearted yet simple minded Chi. As he makes friends and potential love interests our hero learns more and more about society and its involvement with technology both healthy and pathological.
 I had thought to myself in the past "oh my another harem anime" and it does set up like one. You have your kind hearted protagonist and your cast of potential female lovers all showing a potential interest. This starts out on par but then it gets much deeper. Many of the backstories from the characters were very well done and by the end you don't feel cheated or that the story ended way too soon. There were a few such as the story of the baker that were almost profound in their nature. The writing here takes what could have been yet another in a long line of harems and turned it into something that hasn't been repeated till the movie "Her".  The animation and the voice acting are well done giving you crisp visuals worthy of the blue ray treatment. This is overall a quality experience.
I do have a few issues with this series. One of course is the art style which like fruits basket leaves you wondering who is who at some times as the character models look alike. They also start working on a few story elements such as the mysterious two Persacoms at the end with only a limited answer as to what happened to the supposed ultimate computer program that Chi ran at the end.
In the end this is a quality experience that is well worth the watch. It is flawed but then again who isn't when it comes to a series. If you like harems and you like a good story this is a series worth the watch

Rating: 7/10

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