Saturday, October 17, 2015

DVD Movie Review #168 Krod Mandoon and the Flaming Sword of Fire

It is sad that I was unable to find an official trailer for the series as Krod Mandoon is the real deal. I was looking for entertainment through the BBC and found this little Comedy Central Gem a few years back. I remember watching it with a friend after seeing it advertised in a comic book. I of course had to obtain this when in Walmart it came out on the $4 rack. So sit back and look for another fantasy styled piece of comedy.
Krod is an adventurer leading a band of misfits, a Wizard without magic, a Simple Minded Giant, a former prison lover and a rather agile sex priestess. These are the group that plans on defying the evil overlord. Of course our evil overload has found a deadly artifact that he will use to destroy all forms of resistance. Krod and his crew must go on continued adventures fight terrible monsters and confront the ultimate evil to become the hero.
 People didn't really give this series a major chance. It has a lot of fun comedic moments and interesting characters that make it a fun series to run through. It is not overly long and the series itself has a few very funny moments to it.

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