Tuesday, October 6, 2015

DVD Movie Review #167 Off Campus

We are back with another of my great DVD movie reviews. This time I am covering the X-Strike Series “Off Campus”. I am only covering season one as this is the only one available on DVD. For those unfamiliar with the Video Game Retro fun that is X-Strike Visit them at x-strikestudios.com. I have all of the films they have thus far on DVD and decided as I am a fan of the show to revisit this series.

Off campus is a series that chronicles the adventures of the X-Strike crew not long after their original apartment went up in flames. They manage to find an apartment near a college campus and must pose as college students in order to keep the awesome low rates. During this time they must deal with strange and mysterious Neighbors, odd adventures and the evils of the internet.

This series has a lot for the retro gamer ort those who grew up with retro games. It has a ton of inside jokes such as getting stuck in a basement while one person must hold on to a brick to break people out one at a time. The effects or terrible but as with all X-Strike projects they are so in a fun campy way that makes the company so fun to roll through. The music is nice in its Retro fashion concluding the odd skaish theme played throughout.

This is something that does appeal to a limited audience. If you haven’t played on an old game system you are not going to get most of the jokes that they are doing here. The acting and effects are pretty poor and while this is endearing to most of the audience a new audience may find this abrasive.

This is a fun return look at the catalog of X-Strike Studios. To many it is a fun and enjoyable ride while to others this may be something more forgettable.

Rating 6/10

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