Wednesday, October 14, 2015

DVD Movie Review #169 3rd Rock from the Sun

Today I am reviewing a series that I have  been watching on for a long time. I have watched this series off and on for a long time but have never had the time to watch it from beginning to end. This time with a price tag of $20 I decided to heck with it and obtained the series so I finally went through the 6 season romp around the universe and now you guys can enjoy.
Our family Soloman is really an alien exploratory party sent to do a mission in order to learn as much about what it is to be human. With the series revolving around experiencing everything from an inexperienced eye this series shows the evolution of our alien family over the next 6 years as the series goes on. It has a variety of cameos including the Big Giant Head played by William Shatner. So we enjoy the series from beginning to end with luck the mission will be fun for all.
I personally really enjoyed this series. It had a lot of interesting parallels with some of the series of its time like Sienfeld with the Characters being more self centered but in this case greatly more likable. The story progressed very well dealing with aging of the characters evolution of relationships and deepening of the story line with colorful characters such as The Big Giant Head and the evil alien played by John Cleese. This series left much to be enjoyed throughout its 6 season romp with an odd enjoyably continued joke that somehow always found something new to make us laugh all the more. This series was a fun romp from beginning to end.
 There are a few short comings when one thinks about adaptability. The main character and his love interest a fairly despicable people and Dick gets quite annoying at times making it harder to enjoy the episodes. The ending is probably what I have the most issue with. I won't put in any major spoilers but I do feel that it was quite abrupt and left a few things hanging. I feel that it was a quick tie up that they were not expecting. For a series that managed to make the same gag mostly fresh again and again for 6 years I expected better from this.
In the end if you like fun and quirky comedies I feel 3rd rock is a series that is fun to pick up and put down an nearly any time. If you are a person that tends to watch things in large chunks it can annoy but for the most part  for the price this is worth having in your collection.

Rating 7/10

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