Sunday, September 27, 2015

DVD Movie Review #165 Titanic (1953)

We all know about the block busting movie with Leonardo that so oversaturated the media that we had all the girls swooning for Leo and most of the boys wanting him dead. Well after seeing the movie for the 4th time this week I decided to look at an older version of the film and the love story that they decided to sew. This is the movie Titanic.
Now this is a story much like the one we know but this one takes place with the upper class passengers. We have an older gentleman who has been trying to reunite with his family as his ex-wife is on the trip with their son. She is not very happy about the matter but he hopes to use the trip and the close quarters to reunite his family. We also have a young girl on a trip with her mother and the budding romance between her and a wealthy college lad taking a trip with his fraternity brother. We see these stories interplay until the end where we see the inevitable sinking of the ship.
There are a lot of pieces of work in this that show a startling attention to detail. The worked hard to reproduce some of the areas of the ship such as the dining room and also several other aspects that we didn't see as much in the Cameron version such as the boiler room stokers and the mail room. It worked quite well seeing the interplay of the relationships as the story slowly went down. For the time this would be a very good over all. The ending I have mixed feelings for so I will describe them in both sections. I thought that the ending where the people go down singing an old Irish hymn showed a level of dignity and honor as a sort of homage to the people that died telling the audience that they died well and to be proud of the sacrifice they made for the others to live.
The bad parts are not really that different for films of its kind. There was a different timber of people back in those days and they loved subtle and slow stories that built over a time. This does not go over with the new crowd of fast paced times and ways. This makes the movie a tad boring with me having to re-watch a number of the scenes due to falling asleep. The other issues are the write ins that are not very accurate for the real event such as rooms not on the ship or multiple characters that were not in the real voyage. It is no wonder that many of the survivors were not happy with this film. The last part is again with the ending. It may have been dignified but it wasn't accurate in the slightest. They pictured the whole crew going down without ever so much as a slight panic. This is not realism this is kind of flowery and over perfumed to the point where you are almost sick of the smell.
This movie has a lot of good points and also as of winning an Academy award this is a part of history that one should be enjoyed. So though this does not live up to the multi award winning masterpiece of the 90s this is still enjoyable in the end.

Rating:  6/10

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