Friday, September 25, 2015

Gaming Review #6 Neverending Nightmares

Hello all and welcome back for another gaming review. You know I've been busy this time around as my slow pace I have managed to beat two games. This time we are covering yet another crazy game Neverending Nightmares. This game was driven by Kickstartr and brought to you via fans for a crazy surreal adventure. I was honored to pick it up for $3 during a Steam sale... ;)
We follow the adventures of a young man awakened in the middle of the night and wandering through his creepy house at night. Of course it may not be a house as it could be a grave yard yet it may be a house again then it is an insane asylum. It gets to the point where you doubt your own sanity and wonder weather you are stuck between nightmare then reality.
There are a number of overly creepy scenes in this game getting ever more disturbing as the game goes on. It's unique art style adds to the creepy nature of the game. The simple mechanics are easy to pick up and as you cannot die...well not in a lasting way you can keep trying until you reach the end. The doors you take can alter how you end the game as well so keep playing for the number of alternate endings.
This game does have a little bit of frustration to it as you have die many times and a few other issues with its repetition and its simplicity which is also one of its greatest downfall. Otherwise I really don't have any major problem with this game it is fun and it is creepy very much perfect for Halloween.
In the end I feel this is a fun game just in time for the Halloween season.

Rating: 8/10

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