Sunday, September 20, 2015

DVD Movie Review #162 Chaos Head

I am back and with another full on DVD movie review. This time I am covering the series Chaos head. I was interested in the long running poster with the pink haired bloodied beauty with a cruel sword on a tortured landscape. When I finally saw the trailer for the blue ray release I had to get it for its $11 price tag. I mean who wouldn't love a nice psychological horror.
Takumi is a selfish Otaku living an a storage box on the top of a building. He hopes to live his life watching anime, collecting figurines and talking to his imaginary anime girlfriend. The world outside has very little interest to him he even snubs his little sister as she comes by and tries to get him to acknowledge the outside world. His word is turned up on its head as he stumbles on a murder scene with a mysterious pink haired girl and she suddenly has her thrust upon his life.
This series is very much in the style of the late Satoshi Kon full of strange psychological twists and turns as well as deep touches of horror present throughout. The story brings your full attention to it with beautiful animations and a wonderful sound track. There are a lot of little touches that make this one a fun watch such as the ending theme which is hauntingly cheerful and relates to the out of touch nature of the cast of characters within the series. Finally the dub track is done very well with consistent acting throughout.
The issue of this series is that it is trying much too hard. You see this throughout this series with excessively complicated twists and turns that leave you with a feeling of vertigo and confusion when you are done. I remember trying to explain this to a friend and they couldn't follow it and maybe it is just me. The characters are partially fleshed out feeling like they all have a great deal of depth that just isn't there at the end of the day. I guess that this is like most anime that intend you to read the manga to make up for the depth that you are missing. Finally I really don't like the main character. He is a total dick most of the series only partially redeeming himself at the end thanks to working on his petty insecurities.
This series is a psychological head scratcher that will leave you with that slightly slack jawed facial expression that you can only hope to come home to. This series still has some redeeming features that make it a very fun and beautiful romp through the worlds of confusion and terror.

Rating:  6/10

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