Friday, September 25, 2015

DVD Movie Review #164 The Norseman

Hello again we are back due to the loving arms of the DVD movie review. This time we are seeing a movie starring the six million dollar man himself Lee Majors. We are reviewing the Norseman which I picked up as a part of a double pack with "The Barbarians". This movie was one that I really didn't look that much forward to seeing but I felt it needs to be done. 
We are exploring the "true" story of the Norseman who decided to explore the southern regions of the New World now known as Florida. They get attacked by the Native American's there and then their king is taken prisoner. It is up to Lee Majors and his band of merry Vikings to take on the evil Savages and rescue their brethren. 
I really don't think that this film is all bad. I mean in a 70s movie kind of way with out hero Lee at the the way is it just me or does this image from "Scrooged" always come up when I think of Lee Majors. 
I mean really I am too young to remember six million dollar man and I really don't know him from anything else...I think it was a fun appearance and this will sadly remain the same for me. I feel he did a good job with the part he was given and the effects and backdrops were pretty good for the time. He did manage to sport one killer mustache. 
The film has a lot of downsides to it with the lead one being that it is a very boring film. I fell asleep twice in getting through the first 20 minutes of it taking me much longer than usual. I also have to wonder what it is about films from that time that had to make American Indians look like such terrible people. I guess we were still in the mode of justifying their slaughter. See? Look at how nasty they were they deserved to die! Sounds like another set of excuses from the modern age. I also have some doubts as to how historically accurate these "Vikings" were. I mean I have heard that there were black Vikings but ones with well groomed mustaches? Come on now. 
In the end this film is quite a bore and very forgettable I will leave you with a fun picture to help you remember it but for me I will just file this under and extension of "Scrooged" and think of better uses for my time. 

Rating: 3/10

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