Tuesday, September 15, 2015

DVD Movie Review #161 Cat Planet Cuties

Hello again and welcome back to my review Blog. It has been a long time since I last did one of these loving tributes to the media but as I recently joined a Facebook group of movie reviewers It wouldn’t feel right if I didn’t actually review things.  I have thought long and hard as to whether to continue this blog or to shut it down but with hopes my reviews will come on stronger and stronger than they ever did before.
Cat Planet Cuties is one of those impulse buy items.  You see a nice blue ray anime set with a picture of a cute cat girl on the cover and say “hmmm this is reasonably priced ($12)”. I still have it in my head if an anime is cheap then it is a good buy and it doesn’t matter about the content of the show. This practice needs to stop as it will when I do a much needed sell off of excess movies in my collection J

:spoilers ahead:

We have our series set in Japan with our typical high school middle of the road harem boy as our protagonist. He’s a bit of a film geek and seems to be living a normal life with a cute neighbor, attentive teacher and a budding romance/friendship with the shy girl who shares his interest in movies. The problem is that all Is not what it seems with the friend being a CIA agent in training, the teacher being an alien fanatic and the potential love interest being a Super spy. Of course life goes along as normal until he comes upon a strange girl with cat ears and a tail that latches onto him due to his niceness and tells him she is the advance scout for a planet of cat people thinking of opening diplomatic relations with earth. The problem is that the Dog People have already opened relations and they don’t play well with others. So we begin with our harem of cat girl goodness.

You know I thought that the animation was pretty well done. I am a fan of bright colors in anime…it may be my ADHD but I do feel that bright colors tend to liven things up and make a series better in the end. The action is certainly a strong point as well with many different fights between robots and combat suited girls ready for action. Of course one of the other strong points of the series is that it has Cat Girls and what self respecting anime fan boy doesn’t like cat girls…and a Muttly tribute J

You know, maybe I’m getting a little old for these type of series… I feel that most standard harems just don’t do it for me anymore. I can see naked women in most anime and this just doesn’t have the full on appeal that it did for late teens early 20s me. I feel that the story is a little stupid and the characters were pretty much just 2D standard character types. You really don’t feel there is much heart or soul to this other than…hmmm now here is another harem. In the end I am left not caring much particularly about any character, not hating them mind you but not really feeling anything special from them either. Your protagonist is your standard nice guy, the neighbor the standard tsunandre, the standard shy girl and of course we have or overly bouncy heroine. This isn’t to say that they didn’t try a little to flesh them out with a hint of a backstory about the shy girl being an outcast because of her strange powers or the tsunandre’s difficulty in sorting out her feelings for the protagonist but they don’t do a lot to flesh out the one and the other is a bit overdone in this type of series. Of course we are then left with the bad guy in the series which is a hot dog girl with a robot dog sidekick. They do very little to flesh out this character, kind of hinting that she isn’t all bad yet showing nothing concrete that she is anything but a 2D evil character trying to…establish a relationship with planet earth? Take over? Kill the Cat Planet people? I really don’t know her motivation or end game here all we know is that the Dog People don’t play well with others…which is strange as they seem to be doing a good job in their earth relations, and that they are banned from making contact. This brings me to another point. Why is it that they never reported the dog people to the intergalactic counsel and just wrapped the problem up in the first place? The ending of the series is your standard Harem anime fare and I won’t blow it any more for you if you still wish to see this series.

In the end this is an pretty series to look at but just another harem anime dumped on us into the ocean of other harems. If you are a fan of harem anime and can’t get enough of the genre go for it. If you are a casual fan or prefer in depth story and characters I would give this a pass.

Rating:  4/10 

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