Friday, September 25, 2015

Gaming Review #5 The 11th Hour

It is time to come back Little ones! Time to come back tot he mansion that has once haunted your nightmares! We are back with my game reviews and it seems just in time for a few lovely halloween type games. This time we are looking at the 11th hour which was the sequel to the widely more popular 7th guest. It is sad that I have played this one first but it happened to come up in my lineup first so here I was with a classic game and time to force it down my throat. So without further ado here is the 11th Hour.
Well we follow the adventures or our favorite writer as he is out to solve the mystery of a murder and the mysteries of the even haunted house that stared in the first adaptation of this game. You must go through the haunted mansion cheered on by your wheelchair bound partner and heckled by the evil owner of the facilities. Solving riddles and playing hard to beat games can you make it out alive?
  This game has aged...okay. It still has a creepy vibe to it and the large cut scenes are still pretty interesting with the setup. The game is very intellectually challenging and the house design itself is quite creepy. I would say the ending was probably one of my favorite parts of the game.

There is a reason that the end is one of my favorite part of the game. The puzzles such as the one above are frustratingly hard and the riddles are at a Riven level and that is not a compliment. Your reward for that is you get to see a cut scene illustrating the story which I frankly feel left me yawning. I am personally not amused. If you add on that the fact that the game's age has it continually crashing meaning you need to save OFTEN!
In the end this is an ok game but is a bit too hard as it was during those times was popular.  Take care and enjoy it very well.
Rating: 3/10

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