Friday, September 25, 2015

DVD Movie Review #163 the Barbarians

Greetings for another wonderful and wacky movie review. This time we look at the 1987 movie "the Barbarians. This movie and the Paul brothers have a special place in my childhood as this movie and the "Norsemen" (review pending) for under $5 I had to get this one for my collection. There will be a slightly higher rating for nostalgia valuse.

Let us go back in time to the late 80s where post apocalyptic and fantasy epics were commonplace. We find our two youths adopted by the peace loving Ragnics a gypsy band of musicians and performers. They were ambushed by the evil blond haired villain and their princess abducted. Our heroes became super beefy in their quest to save their princess and restore the power of the mysterious belly stone. Will they make it through the fight against evil warlords, sorceresses and even a dragon?

This movie is your standard fare for your Barbarian loving film buffage. You have your buff heroes duking it out with your garden variety villains from the fantasy setting. There is an innate cheesiness that one cannot ignore. I mean look at the helmet on these guys?! I have to say that their design work was inappropriate yet it works out in a way that brings out the humor in the film. Still the special effects for this film were pretty good for the time and the costume design while cheesy was fun.

One cannot say that that this film was good with a straight face...well maybe my father could but he tends to think of the body builders more than the acting or writing. I have to say when you take people who's career is mainly body building it does not make them excellent actors. You can see that the chemistry between the two is good yet the acting seems forced from them and leaves it looking blocky and awkward. Really the writing could play into this as it wasn't exactly oscar material but maybe I would be giving the actors in this a bit too much credit. The writing is overly simplistic in the good v evil way and I feel it was made mainly to try and cash in at the end of the craze.

In the end this is a fun film that has a number flaws yet not enough in my opinion to sink this beauty.

Rating: 6/10

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