Wednesday, June 22, 2016

DVD Movie Review #181 South Park Season 18

I must admit I am a South Park fan. I have been enjoying the series since season one. Sometimes I try to watch it on hulu but I must admit I have to have more interest watching things through physical media. I have had season 18 of the series for a long time but it has been shelved for other things. I still don’t know how this series is continuing to go and how they can charge anyone $30 for 10 episodes.

This season seems to be more together than the others. This series starts off with a strange take on Crowd funding and then an even stranger take on the Musician Lorde which ends with a social commentary on video game commentary and the final issues with Lorde.

This season it feels different as the episodes are all connected on some level or another. The storylines in the beginning are ever present in some level even through to the end of the season. I have to give it this for storytelling. I did really see a few gems in this season. South Park is usually hit or miss overall and I must admit the hits were really on point. I really thought that the commentary on Gluten, drones and commentary are all very good. The best by far this season was the commentary on Freemium games that caught my attention the most. I have to say it was very accurate and in their own style hit it right on the head. This season is one of those that has more good episodes than the bad.

Oh we had some bad and the bad was hard to watch. Their commentary on Gender neutral bathrooms was confusing at best making it really hard to see where they were coming from (which can also be the case). I have to say in the end the worst of all was the “Cock Magic” episode. This went beyond social commentary and became something terrible and very much disgusting…they really needed to put the joke down and not have Randy expose himself to a party full of kindergarteners. I don’t know about anyone else but isn’t South Park getting much shorter season wise. I mean 10 episodes?!

In the end this is another short but very good overall season of the show. I don’t feel it is worth the money for the content but if you can find it for around $10 like I did this would be a good watch.


Rating :  7/10  

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