Friday, July 8, 2016

DVD Movie Review #182 Route 66 The Ultimate Road Trip

The Mother road! This is a place filled with mystery and adventure that many have ventured down and once you have been there you never want to leave. My father loves Route 66 so much that he tries to collect what he can of the Mother road. I was in Costco and found this and couldn't resist it. This box set is really cool with a nice book, postcards and a map of the road.

This is a 6 hour 14 episode documentary that follows a group of Route 66 enthusiasts down the mother road from the beginning to the end. During their trip the explore the many iconic road stops and collect stories from the founders themselves. This trip is dedicated to the road's history and future as well as a step of encouragement to travel and support the road.
First off this is a wealth of information. The narrative is great, almost as if you are taking the trip yourself from one end to the other. There are good stories and people on the road and the people interviewed here were many of those who were being the original businesses. We need to preserve those stories and hearing them here makes them great. The message that this series provides are great for many who traveled the road in there youth and for future generations working to preserve the road for others.
I really feel that this was not as good a documentary as it could be. The interview were good but many were long and the imagery was kind of bland. With so much to see on the Mother road we were left with surprisingly few visuals and more static shots of individuals telling their stories. I really feel that this was a missed opportunity to showcase some of the coolest places in the world today and they only gave you the tip of the iceberg. This made the documentary slightly boring and I feel in the end a missed opportunity.
In all the premise was wonderful and this was a great topic with a great setup. I believe that Route 66 is a valuable thing to know about. My only issue here is that it is a more bland and restricted presentation than it should be.

Rating:   6/10

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