Wednesday, August 10, 2016

DVD Movie Review #187 Evil Bong High-5

I have enjoyed this series for a while...well at least up through the 3rd movie anyhow. When I found out that they actually had a 5th movie on Hulu I had to watch it and when I saw it on DVD I had to buy it and then I actually DID watch it. Of course now I have managed to add it to my collection and it again comes to another Evil Bong review...lucky me :)
Welcome to Bong World. When we last left our heroes they lost their topless bowling ally and where dropped head first into the bong world. This is a world of sleazy women, twister and so much pot to smoke your head will explode. Ruling over this is the Evil Bong herself, hoping to get enough people trapped there that she can become powerful enough to rule the world. When she see's her plan is a tad flawed as all she has is a Gingerbread Killer, an Old stoned out pothead a total Jerk and their two female protagonists (bimbo and smarter girl). While trying to find a way out the Jerk, Pothead and puppet make a deal in order to sell the magical Bong Spice so that the Evil Bong can become rich and rule the world. The rest of the movie is dedicated to their quest to sell pot to the odd and sometimes disturbing parade of characters that come their way.
I have to say I enjoy bad films. Evil Bong is one of the line of films in the "purposefully bad horror genre" cemented long before the Sharknado series showed its many toothy heads. Both of the properties of Evil Bong and Gingerdead man are great and if you ever can get in to see the original trilogies both have to offer. This particular movie is a tad better than Evil Bong 420 which was an aimless expanse into nothing much like a bunch of people smoking up in their smelly apartment. This movie reminds me a lot of the 3rd film and even seems to share the same film space. The cast of characters isn't new and it is fun to see them in action this time with a purpose, even if vague. Oddly enough I love the music it is fun and enjoyable helping you get into the relaxed vibe of the film overall.
I kind of feel that these films have taken a step down since Gingerdead Man Vs. Evil Bong. I have to wonder when I see these films what their purpose is. It seems like this film series had hit its stride and now it is just kind of laughing at itself (much like that same group of potheads in their apartment). I could see a lot of the same mistakes made by the last film such as lack of direction. Unlike the 4th film there is a plot point in the beginning and in the end but in the middle it is pretty much them messing around with the strange cast of people that they always mess with or at least from the time they started the 4th film. I know that the acting would normally be a point but with a series like this bad acting just comes with the territory.
 In the end this is another movie in a series that sadly should have ended after the third film. Of course lord knows we will all meet again with Evil Bong 666.

Rating:  4/10

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