Thursday, August 18, 2016

DVD Movie Review #189 The Night Owls

Hello all and welcome to another one of my Movie reviews. This time I have the opportunity to review a special treat. I am a movie collector (in case many of you haven't guessed) and I had been curious about finding those with a like mind and ran into a two major Movie Collectors on Youtube. One was Coolduder (Visit his Channel Here) through him I started to watch a friend of his Wetmovie1 (Visit and Support his Channel Here). The fact I love movie collecting and that his channel is just fun to watch made this worth the time. Recently on his feed I learned about the his short film series "The Night Owls". I love short films and I really enjoy low budget short films so I jumped at this right away as I knew it would be a treat for me. Well lets jump in and see what we have.
The Night Owls is a series of short films with Brendan Mitchell and a wide selection of people in his group of contacts that for the most parts follows them having fun and adventures around South Cal. During these adventures they have to escape detention, track down rare movies and even the hard to find Bambi Porno. Along the way get get treated to several famous guest appearances as well as to the backdrop of a time when movie stores were still holding on and the digital age had yet to take hold.
As always I will start with what I liked about this series. I really enjoy low budget feature films and short films. There is a charm and heart to them that you rarely can get out of big budget feature that at times fly far away from the hearts and minds that conceived them. When watching these films you almost feel as if you are right there with them enjoying the night kicking back and waiting for the next thing to come by. I can say that the episode where they are looking for the Bambi Porn has got to be my favorite by far. I love the music that was lovingly used in this series as well. You could tell that there had been a great deal of thought and selection used from what went on in the background (such as the homage to The Breakfast Club in Episode 1)  or just some of the fun tunes that appeared during the credits that brought you back to that time. Finally there were places when the acting shined through, any of the scenes with Liz Mitchell pretty much lit up the film with high energy, I can also say I was surprised to find that there were several guest stars such as Ron Jeremy in one of the episodes.
Of course if I were just to talk about the good points then this wouldn't be a review it would simply be me patting the filmmakers on the back saying how awesome they are. There were some low points to this that I felt could have shown improvement. The first issue is that some around my household found that the content could get a little raunchy at times. This is not a terrible point as people who like humor from Kevin Smith Movies shouldn't have any problems here. I did also have some problems with the transfer. The video shot I felt suffered from the Blu-Ray Transfer some and would come across as grainy at times where it probably wouldn't have on DVD (I got the same from the original Girl with the Dragon Tattoo). The other issue is the sound quality. The music dubbing was great but the volume was worlds louder than the conversation which lead to me keeping a grip on the remote's volume button.
With those issues aside I have to say that for a set of low budget features this was very well done and quite and enjoyable experience for me. I hope that those lucky few in my audience who get to see this film as I will continue to advocate for it and those like it.

If you would like a copy of your own please visit their site at:
These types of films tend to sell out quickly and are made in limited amounts.

Rating:   7/10

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