Saturday, January 14, 2017

DVD Movie Review #204 Beware! Children At Play

Hello all and welcome back for the next installment of our DVD Movie reviews. This time I am covering the Troma film Beware! Children at Play. I admit I didn't know this was a Troma film when I found this beauty but after seeing the poster I really had to get it. I mean look at this thing! Can you not see it and say "wow! I gotta see this". This film was a little harder to find due to it being Troma and therefore out of print but It was wroth having in my collection. So here we have our review.
So we start out or movie with a little father and son time where a simple bonding camping trip leads to rampant cannibalism, you know like always happens. We then cut to our protagonists and their daughter visiting the countryside. They learn that many of the town's children have been going missing and soon they find that their very own daughter is at risk. Will they find out what is going to happen to the missing children? Will they live long enough to understand the dark truth?
 I must say I am reminded of a little film called The Children when I watched this film. The vibe of both films is very creepy and disturbing in their very nature making it worth the watch, though not anything new it is something that you don't see a ton of in the horror genre. I felt that with the budget they had and the fact that this is a Troma film it did manage to keep me interested for most of the time. You do have a good level of suspense and of course the graphic nature that is a Troma Film. The Acting is decent and believable so I am able to sit through this without any major issues and some of the child actors were breaths of fresh air overall. With that and the eerie plot having you wonder "just what is going on with these kids?" It is worth at least a single watch.
I did have a few issues with this film. I think that older horror moves a lot slower than we are used to in this day and age so it takes a little while before you really feel things ramp up. I am also no too keen on seeing the violence against children. One of the first pics you see if you do an image search for this film is of one of the kids getting their head blown off. I have decided not to show that one as it is a bit too graphic for here and I kind of got disturbed by it. (So if you must see it you can do your own google search). I was overall not as impressed with this as I wanted to be and I feel that this was not a good thing due to the unreal expectations given by that awesome poster!
In the end this movie is a nice little gore fest from Troma but If you are looking for something that is fast paced or you cringe at violence against children, or any Troma film I would recommend you look elsewhere. Though if those things are your bag find this gem it is worth seeing at least once.

Rating:  6/10

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  1. Nice review. Even though I have been aware of this film for a long time (the VHS era), I still need to see it. Interesting sub-genre.