Wednesday, December 28, 2016

DVD Movie Review#203 Trouble Chocolate

There are a lot of anime series out there and this is one that the packaging just got my attention. I mean it is orange ant it looks like a Chocolate wrapper. It is also has a lot of shiny bits to it so it catches the eye. I got this series very cheaply at around the $15 mark for a 5 volume set and this was a great by around 10 years ago. Well the first disc came lose in the box when it got smashed during a move and I wanted to test it out to make sure it worked. I figured this series would be pretty fun so I decided to go ahead and try it out.

This series is about Cacao a rather rambunctious teenager and Hinano a tree spirit that was magically trapped in a wooden doll. They have plenty of adventures throughout their strange school and have a lot of dealings with magical creatures, robots and even vampires. Through it all we must hold hope for the love of a teenage glutton and his wooden doll.

This series is very colorful and it makes the series appealing to look at some of the time. The DVD series has very cool box art and it is right effective at drawing the eye as seen above. I also love the second ender it is energetic and enjoyable. There are a few jokes that even had me chuckle a bit when I watched the series and that was a good thing. I am also a fan of Ted Cole (English Kuno from Ranma 1/2 ) so his voice stylings are always entertaining to listen to I kind of miss him as the only positive part of the 4 kids One Piece Dub. One last fun part about this series is that it is only 20 episodes when it could have been 24 or 26.

I really didn’t like this show for many reasons. Lets start with the animation and color scheme. Though It brings you in it is waaaay to bright and is a tad garish. If you watch this moderate to low quality animation you can even get a headache. It is plain with some missing action scenes and jumps from point A to point C at times. The story was supposed to be a quirky romantic comedy but a lot of the time the jokes fall flat on their face and the strangeness involved leaves you scratching your head most of the time. The story, or lack thereof kind of takes a weird turn in the middle of the series and overall doesn’t make much sense to me. I mean what is it with the “evil organization” appearing half-way through the series. What are these “monster” cards that keep appearing  and is there a resolution? Why is one of the organizations hunting down all magic users?  On top of that I don’t even get the setting with all these odd monsters tech and wizards I don’t get the series premise at all. They do a flimsy half-hearted attempt to explain all of these things but it felt lazy and the development of the characters and villains especially was weak at best. Of course I feel like the series actually hoped to get a continuation…heh. Finally we talk about the characters. The main character is a Jerk, he’s a lazy glutton that has very little redeeming value with even Ataru from Urusei Yatsura being more likable as a protagonist. The main female interest in a source of extreme annoyance and the other characters are simply forgettable anime stereotypes. What about the voice acting and music you ask? Well I tend to like most English Dubs but I feel the actors liked this series about as much as I did for the quality of acting with the quality produced. The first ender is ok but the opener is catchy in an annoying way that makes you wish it was never heard in the first place.

This is not a super bad series in the end but it is so predictable and lazy that it falls totally flat of any potential it might have had.

Rating: 3/10

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