Thursday, December 15, 2016

DVD Movie Review #199 Jingle All the Way 2

Hello all and welcome to another cheery holiday season DVD movie review. While waiting on the next Krampus film I can concentrate on some other Holiday pieces…such as Jingle all the way 2. I have the original movie and kind of liked it but in my OCD nature I decided to procure this piece of crapola, but like my procurement of Kindergarten cop 2 I don’t believe that I am in store for anything but a loving Crap shoot. So lets take this $1.99 review and head forward.

Our hero Larry the Cable Guy is a good father who is unfortunately having to chare his daughter with his divorced wife. They are on good terms and doing well but now the Step-Father wants to step in and may even ruin any chance he has to have time with his daughter over Christmas. Now Larry needs to find the one item that can win his daughters heart but Step-Daddy is also on the prowl and may be too difficult for limited budget Larry to compete with.

You know as Crap shoots go this is a tolerable one. Larry the Cable Guy isn’t too bad as an actor when given his strong suit of playing a poor redneck. He did seem to be a likable character and I was impressed by this rooting for him by the end. The movie did have a few funny moments to it and had the feel of a nice feel good holiday film.

Ok this is a rather large section but I will keep it mostly brief. The Step-Father was written pretty badly, at first I wanted to root for the guy then they made him so despicable that even his redemption didn’t suit me in the end. I feel that they really should have held back on the villainizing. Many of the jokes here also fell flat as I feel they know this was supposed to be a terrible film and had low expectations when making it. It is a sad day when you hope for Larry the Cable Guy to save your film.

In the end this is a low budget low brow sequel to a film that didn’t need one. Still this isn’t a terrible thing to watch and as it is a sequel to a pretty lame film there isn’t far for it to fall.

Rating: 5/10

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