Thursday, December 15, 2016

DVD Movie Review #201 The Night Before

I am back again with another wonderful holiday time review. This time I am covering the movie “The Night Before”. This is one I feel was much needed as we watched it following the finale of the Walking Dead. I’ve had this film for almost a year now and have been looking forward to viewing it. A good deal for a potential enjoyable movie.

We start this with three friends who have been doing a New York Bar hopping Christmas Eve tradition for many years always hoping that they would be invited to that great party of parties called the Nutcracker Ball. Time has passed, one guy got married and the next got famous while the other is still living in the past. This time is the last time that they get to do this before moving on to their lives and they now have an invite to the big party. The question is, will they survive long enough to get there.

This movie was surprisingly very funny. I have mixed feelings about Seth Rogan but here he did a good job of being a team player and not either in the forefront or as a part of the background. I enjoyed this Harold and Kumar style comedy romp throughout they Christmas Eve New York. The three have good chemistry and produce a good variety of laughs. The star power in this film is also very respectable. The music is also very enjoyable for any Hollywood holiday piece. The plot is surprisingly solvent and works well with this film coming together as you would expect but not fully so.

In the end I don’t feel that this fully lived up to the standards of other films of this type. I feel that the antics were very tame as opposed to other films such as A Very Harold & Kumar Christmas or Dude, Where’s my Car. I normally wouldn’t say that a lack of over the top strangeness is a fault but here I feel it is. I also feel that another fault of these films is what they are and that is they are not great films nor do they try to be. I don’t have a lot of other things that are bad other than this is weaker than it could be. It seems lost potential is a big thing for me lately and that is something.

In the end this is a very pleasant movie and one I will enjoy watching again next holiday season.

Rating: 7/10     

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