Sunday, December 4, 2016

DVD Movie Review #192 X-Men Apocalypse

Greetings all we are back again with a new DVD movie review. This time we are talking about X-Men Apocalypse. I have been interested in seeing this movie a long time now, I have all the other X-Men movies and was unable to see this one in theaters. Finally on a pre-black Friday sale I was able to get the Blue Ray for $14 and it was too good to avoid. Finally I managed to get a good chance to see this with my wife and charge forwards.

               This movie takes place a while after our last movie. The School is getting much more popular now with many new mutants learning their powers. Meanwhile in Egypt Moira is out and about investigating things that had better be left alone. Unfortunately for her she manages to trigger the awakening of Apocalypse a powerful mutant bent on world destruction. He gathers his own team of mutants to and start their trashing of the world. In their way it is the X-Men and yet another fierce battle between good and evil emerges with the world as the prize.
     I have gotten to really enjoy this set of X-men movies starting with First class and ending with Apocalypse. I feel these have taken a little more care with the source material and feel more like comic book movies than the first and third of the original set. I enjoyed the performances of the lead actors as usual and the choice of Oscar Isaac as Apocalpyse was a good one. I also enjoyed the continued appearance of our other main actors with good performances of Michael Fassbender, James McAvoy and Nicholas Hoult. The music itself was passable but the special effects were fun to see and enjoy.
           This movie had a lot wrong with it. Like many movies I feel like there was too much going on here for just one movie plotline. I feel this story, much like the phoenix saga should have been spread out beyond one film. I am also mad at the repeated mistake made with the original trilogy. This time it is with Jennifer Lawrence. Much like Halle Berry Jennifer Lawrence got Oscar fame and they decided to try and cash in by giving her a bit too much screen time in a series that she obviously couldn’t care less about. I could feel that the actress wanted to be done badly and though she was written in as a main character for her Oscar fame, she really didn’t have any place other than a potential minor one here. Because of all of the crap going with 3 movies of plot being forced in one Jennifer Lawrence contaminated film this was a jumbled mess that felt overly rushed and cluttered.

               In the end this is a fun comic book film but at the same time I really don’t feel like they did this one justice. I would like to say as far as the order of how good it is I would place it second from the bottom (third of the original set).

Rating:  6/10 

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