Saturday, December 10, 2016

DVD Movie Review #196 Krampus: The Christmas Devil

Well we are well into the holiday season and here comes my next installment of my Krampus reviews. This time I am reviewing another low budget fun fest called Krampus: The Christmas Devil. This was discovered in my Krampus Search and oddly enough the movie trailer is easier to find than the one for the new movie released last year. 
So we start with a flashback to a time when a naughty little kid nearly gets killed by Krampus as is like for all naughty children. Flash forward, there are more killings going on and our former problem child is now a do gooder police officer dedicated to hunting the evil Krampus down. Unfortunately another criminal just got out of prison and he wants revenge on the Cop that put him in jail. Will Krampus complete is Christmas list? 
We have to look at this for what it is: a low Budget B-Movie that wants to be taken seriously. Now with this in mind they didn't do too bad a job. I thought that the acting was actually about medium grade level not your typical tripping over yourself acting that I am used to in these type of films (cough "Night of the Krampus" cough). The story itself has a lot of promise to it. You have two killers around but both with very different motives in mind. I would say how this movie turned out in the end is how I would expect it to be. The music is well done for the budget and I always enjoy the carol of the bells done by electric guitar this allowed me to rock out to the credits even as I write this review. 
So...where do I get started...well I did say this was a good premise and story but I would say that in execution this film...fell flat a piece. I mean one of the joys of B movies is that they are funny or on occasion they shoot high and manage to pull off a good serious thriller or drama. I feel in this case they shot for the stars and barely cleared the back yard. I mean the acting was passable but you really didn't feel what the characters were feeling. I also wasn't as impressed with the Krampus man himself the costume was interesting but he really wasn't all that scary as he was in Krampus or in A Christmas Horror Story. Oddly enough I don't consider him as scary as the one in Night of the Krampus. I also have to wonder about putting a topless woman in this. I really feel this was a way to try and grab the audience and make up for the other inequities of the film. I don't even get why this half naked woman was there. I mean is Krampus a dirty sex maniac? I really feel made me lose some respect for the film makers a bit...sigh
The Best thing I can say about this film is that it is a lot of missed potential. There was a lot there and with a bit more effort and maybe a little more money I feel that they could have taken a so-so thriller attempt and turn it into something really good. God help me but I will be watching the sequel to this in the near future. Let's just hope that we do better this time. 
Rating:  5/10

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