Sunday, December 11, 2016

DVD Movie Review #197 Krampus: The Christmas Devil 2

We are back again for yet the sequel of the last film we watched...this one did have my attention more than the original as Coolduder is in this one. I must admit my expectations are low this time round but I figure when you make this go you are in this for the long haul.
 Santa is a Dick. I really believe this is the point that this movie and its predecessor are trying to get across. We are back with our heroes yet again as Santa and his brother go on yet another bloody rampage across town. Of course this movie wouldn't be what it is without our favorite self-hating police officer and the brother of our favorite killer going at it again. Our hero has been called back after his family was taken by the Krampster and he is charged with bringing him in once again. Will he win the fight this time or will this demon haunt him forever.
This time we've changed things up a little bit. The acting has gotten a tad better (with practice I guess). I feel that the team has gotten back into stride moving the plot along much more quickly this time. You know the feel of the movie and it doesn't take as long to get in. The complexity of the main character's backstory is entertaining to a point.
I actually feel that other than a few good points (listed above) this film actually managed to be worse than the original. I feel that the concept was really solid for the first one and if they had done it right they could have done it to the point where it would be easily the best of all of the Krampus movies. This was not even an attempt at that. They slapped an even cheaper looking costume on Krampus and then decided that they would slap together an rather lazy story that eventually results in a rather lack luster ending. I still don't understand why Krampus and Santa need his daughter and even taunt him with the idea that he is raping her. I...don't have words for the rest of this.
In the end the lesson is..Santa is a dick. I think that pretty much concludes everything about this film.

Rating: 4/10

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