Thursday, December 22, 2016

Top 10 Horror Movies to watch on Christmas

With Christmas time comes a good time to sit in front of the fire and try and scare up a good time…ok I am just joking around a little. We do love our horror and it is the time of year to enjoy specific holiday oriented horror. This list will include a number of items seen elsewhere but I can guarantee I’ve seen all of these involved and will be able to make a case for all.

1. Jack Frost 1 & 2  
Who doesn’t like a good evil killer Snowman.  We start off with an executed serial killer and a vat of chemicles spilt into the snow. In the end we get an evil mutant snowman with a penchant for murder. This series had two entries and to me is a bellowed classic. It is cheesy and for a slasher it is nearly hilarious  in its obserdity which is then doubled down on for the sequel. If you want a good Christmas watch go for this one.  
2. Santas Slay 
“How about a little Yule Tide Fear?” When you take a wrestler a twisted myth about Santa Claus and a cast of kooky characters you get Santa’s Slay. This is one of the best B-Movie Christmas films of all time. I really enjoy this the most of all of them and hope that this continues to be a holiday Tradition, especially for the first scene.

3. Black Christmas/X’Mas
Who doesn’t like a little Christmas Killing as we go from B-Movie Horror/Comedy to straight slasher horror. Both movies are really good at displaying the derangement of a crazy killer going after co-eds on Christmas Eve. I feel that the major difference in the series is that the older one comes with more story and the remake has more violence and gore. Both are great films and both are good for a horror Christmas tradition.

4. Silent Night Deadly
 Night Series 1-5 
So we come to yet another Christmas Slasher Series in the vein of the Halloween movie series. We have a Michael Myers style killer going after people during the Christmas holidays dressed up as Santa Claus. Even though it may bear some similarities this is not Santa’s Slay and if you are looking for a laugh instead of a thriller then you need to keep away from this one.

5. A Christmas Horror Story 
This is a good alternative to those who love your traditional Horror story anthologies and much like Trick r’ Treat is for Halloween this is a good one for Christmas. This story also involves Krampus but isn’t a Krampus movie. The big plus is that William Shatner narrates.

6. Gremlins 
Who would do a Christmas Horror marathon without Gremlins.  This movie is a classic tale where you learn the lesson to not adopt strange pets and to feed them in a timely manner. This movie also spawned a Sequel but this one is the only one with a Christmas theme.

7. Krampus Series 
If you have read my series in the past you will know about my Krampus series of reviews. Krampus is the evil brother of Santa Claus that punishes mean kids. The most famous of these is the new one coming out in 2015 and the other movies have a varying degree of goodness. I suggest you at least check out the 2015 film or #5 in order to introduce yourself to the Krampus character.

8. The Children
This is probably the most disturbing film on the list. I mean you have killers and you have the horror of being stuck in the middle of nowhere but when the killers are your own children?! This is an exercise in terror and despair that you can’t leave alone.

9. Tales from the Crypt 
This was a great horror anthology movie (also reviewed here earlier) but here we only have one segment that falls around Christmas and a killer. I won’t give away the rest of this but the series will definitely come in handy.

10. Ceasar and Ottos Deadly X’Mas
This is probably the lowest point on the list. This is another slasher type of movie but this one is lower in budget. I have s soft spot in my heart for this film but it can be a tad boring at times. Please get off and enjoy this movie and the other movie that is Halloween fixated.  

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  1. I am a big fan of the Silent Night Deadly Night series. Each entry offering something different from one another, especially parts 4 & 5. Jack Frost films were good, and executed a original concept with the killer snowman, and the character's multiple abilities. The original 1974 Black Christmas was a masterpiece. Dark and wonderfully ambiguous. A real gem. The remake wasn't really my cup of tea. The 1972 Amicus production of Tales From The Crypt is a masterpiece , as well. I have fond memories of watching this as a kid, late at night, back in the late 80's. Krampus, Ceasar & Otto, etc. I haven't seen. Interesting list. Enjoyed reading it.