Thursday, December 15, 2016

DVD Movie Review #200 Krampus Unleashed

Well this is the end and we are back again with another tale of terror to end out our Krampus tales. This time we are going with Krampus Unleashed. I remember looking up all the Krampus films I could find and this one had not yet come out on video. I must admit I was a but cautious as I had seen the good and I have seen the bad and still don' tknow what that one had to offer.
So we go back in time where these prospectors dig of a hidden rock with the power to summon and evil demon (aka Krampus). Things don't go very well for them and we have to fast forward to the future where the rock is again found by a family visiting their cousins out in Krampus Country. A strange creature which could be bigfoot has been spotted and now it seems they may be dying before they are able to celebrate the new year.
Well this movie does do a few things right. I feel that it makes a pretty decent creature feature. In truth this is the only of its kind out of the three. Krampus is done very differently here and is more like a rabid monster that they summoned from a magic stone that now wants to kill all of our series protagonists. I felt that the acting was entertaining enough for the film and that Krampus himself was done well enough for a standard horror movie monster. For what this is I don't feel it was too terrible. This even had a few nods to other films in the genre I have reviewed if you look close enough So I give the people in this credit for their thought process. The pacing lastly is also very quick very good on the action so you don't have time getting bored. This Krampus is definitely different from your normal, Run of the Mill Krampus. Lastly I have to say the little snippet at the end is hilarious.
This is pretty much what it is summed up to be...a bad horror film. This is your typical monster kills people film you could just as easily call this creature Big Foot, drop the magic rock and have the same movie for the rest of the year. This is by far the only one that left me feel involved and that is a sad thing. Many of the characters are also annoying and those that are not annoying have very little development and you have very little attachment to them. you could tell the cheap budget behind this film much like the last review I did on Krmpus: the Reckoning and oddly enough my problem is not like Krampus, as a Matter of Fact they seemed to follow the advice I set out and they dropped the CG. It is in a lot of different things such as the slightly below par acting, the poor scene setup and finally the poor effects.
This movie was better than some but lesser than the others. If you like low budget "Monster Eats People" type films I think this is still a good film for you.

Rating: 6/10

Well this is the end. I hope that you have all enjoyed my Christmas Rantings about Krampus and his friendly batch of movies. Please stay tuned for our regularly scheduled programming :)

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