Sunday, December 4, 2016

DVD Movie Review #193 Night of the Krampus

      This is the time of year when we have that special feeling of economic power that doesn’t really exist and reminds us of our shortcomings once again in January. This is a time of Santa Hats, jolly laughs and other evils. I have managed to procure one of the most evil and most recently known of the Christmas lore and that is the Krampus series. This is a series of films that chronicles the adventures of your fun loving demon. Krampus is a Santa companion that goes along on Christmas Eve behind Santa punishing the bad Kids behind the rewards bestowed by the S-Man. The first film I am covering in the Series is Night of the Krampus. This is the 30 minute short film that I feel started the craze more than anything else.

This story starts out with two little children, one bad and one good. They are discussing Christmas lore when one of them gets nabbed by the Krampster. In order to investigate some odd X-Files type agency is hired to go out, find the missing kids and end the Krampus Abductions.

This is entertaining for what it is, an independent low budget horror short. I find the characters entertaining in their banter and Krampus actually appears creepy at times with his finger wagging and saying “Naughty” to his intended victim. For what it is the effects are pretty decent and they utilize the green screen well here.

In the end this is still a cheap movie. The acting is terrible and the effects are barely passable…also what is the deal with the talking skeleton thing? The story goes by waaay too fast to fit the short film minimum and it feels like they just come in solve the problem and go home.

There is not much here to comment on. In the end it is what it is. If you like B Movies then the detractors add more charm than they take away and yet there were many missed opportunities here. This could have gone full Camp and become a funny masterpiece the likes of Thankskilling but they decided to go more serious. This saddens me… In the end this is a decent start to a long running series.

Rating: 6/10

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