Saturday, November 1, 2014

DVD Movie Review #153 The Wolverine

Hello again and welcome to the next in my lineup of standup movie reviews. This time I am reviewing the great and powerful Wolverine in his newest film. I was walking through Costco  and saw this at the price I could not resist ($10) I mean that's great for a Blue Ray and DVD combo. I love collecting super hero films and hope to one day get them all (yes cat woman is going to be included but only if I find it for under $1.)

Well we follow our favorite mutant hero in the wold post X-Men 3 and he is having nightmarish regrets about being in that colossal flop losing all hope for the franchise. He is just done harassing a local hunter about his torture of a fake looking animatronic bear when he is approached by a skinny Japanese skeleton model who sees peoples death through emaciated eyes. She takes Wolverine back to her home to see off his old friend that surprisingly didn't die of severe radiation poisoning being only a few miles from ground zero of a nuclear attack during world war two. Now wolverine must protect the man's only granddaughter from ninjas, robots and yakuza...oh my!

Well I must say that the action in this film is intense. I was interested the whole way through from beginning to end. The fight scenes are very well scripted and they definitely get the blood pumping. The Plot line gives you the comic book feel that you always hope for in a movie about a comic book character (we don't need an art piece here). Oh yeah stick in for the stinger during the credits.

Well the acting is so so really not worth mentioning either here or above. I am not really certain that this was a great movie for comic lovers. They kind of butchered all the characters that they did show making them not even represent their original format. I felt that their handling of wolverine is also pretty lame. I mean the character was actually pretty darn intelligent and he can live like forever so he never picked up a foreign language? They make him look pretty stupid. I also felt that the cinematography could use some work though the fight scenes were intense I felt it flopped around a bit making things confusing at times. Lastly the effects were actually a little worse than the first movie...I mean look at the bear! Look at it! Well you'll have to rent the movie as Youtube doesn't have it...shoot.

In the end this is a pretty fun action ride but not really that much better and sadly even less true to the comics than the first one.

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