Monday, November 10, 2014

DVD Movie Review #154 X-Files Season 3

Hello again and welcome to a new DVD movie review. This time I am reviewing X-Files season 3. This was a gift along with the rest of the series from a friend for Christmas so I is continued bed time viewing with my girlfriend. This is a fun series and worth having in any collection and I am glad to work on Season 3.

Season 3 starts us with one in many creature stories and continues our romp in the desert with a mysterious alien burial ground and a cover up by the government. This series again goes through our usual monster of the week one shots and ends with a two part episode so you will be obligated to continue...

Again we see some improvement in the effects but do have moments where you laugh a bit at the campiness. I do want to continue to see this series as the plot has been pretty crisp this time around with less repetition of story and more original works. I feel that the chemistry between actors is well on the way and getting to meet and then see the demise of Scully's dog is well worth it. 

I series continues to suffer from uneven writing with some episodes being snore worthy yet others being gripping. My goodness we continue and I sometimes start to wonder how this series got as popular as it did. 

In the end this is a good series and I shall continue.

Rating:  7/10 

As before this is the price of the full set I got including the movies. 

Used:   $111.49  Amazon Marketplace

New:   $138.92 Amazon Marketplace

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