Wednesday, November 12, 2014

DVD Movie Review #155 Yuru Yuri Happy Go Lily Season 1

Hello all and this is back again with yet another in a long lineup of movie reviews. It seems that I am watching a lot of TV as I am doing a lot of TV reviews. This time I am reviewing the Series Yuru Yuri which comes to us from the wonder factory that is NIS America and as it seems to always be has the best release price. I love Slice of Life series and I admit here I went a little bit crazy.

This series follows a close group of girls as they find the unused and isolated tea ceremony club building and claim it for their own. The girls form the "Amusement Club" dedicated to fun and lesbian hi-jinks for all.

I must admit that I may go a little far with the lesbian comment but I will go more into that in the next section. This had nice bright color and fairly light and poppy music that gets you into a mostly happy mood. The situations are mostly funny and the series itself as a whole seems to hold together.

I don't really understand how this got a second season and Lucky Star did not...go figure. The characters are not that special really not overly sticking out and at times a bit annoying. I don't care for Japanese language voices in the first place and the actresses they got were pretty annoying. The story seems to be a tag of a lag and I feel that they were throwing in a lesbian angle to make up for this fault.

In the end this is a sub standard Slice of life series that I am..sigh watching another season of soon.

As usual NIS puts together a beautiful Premium set though I cannot say as much about the content.

Rating:  5/10

Used:      $55.98  Amazon Marketplace

New:     $47.99  Rightstuf

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