Friday, January 2, 2015

SeptumSin's Blue Ray & DVD 11/27/14

Hello again and welcome to my next DVD update. I am in massive debt of course not only due to my habit but other things as well. I am trying to cut down a bit so you will be seeing a few dates that will waver from here to there. I am Starting this on 7/26/14 to mark getting the first in a string of pre-orders that I made to complete stuff and a few out of curiosity back in May and June. So here is the stuff I have gotten :)
Dr. Slump the Movies 7/26/14: I have loved this comic for a while having collected the entire run of it from Shonen Jump Magazine. I have not managed to watch a lot of the animation as the show and the movies have not been brought over the waters to america. Previously our exposure here has been limited to one of the dragonball movies which was an adaptation of the part of the series where Goku goes to Penguin Island. I have managed to watch one of the more recent films where she goes to a monster hotel. This in my opinion is Akira Toriyama's real gem and not Dragon Ball Z.
Fairy Tail Part 11 7/28/14: I am in love with this series. I continue to enjoy this series and I hope that I will continue to feel the same. I am uncertain as to where this series will go next the only major issue other than two new musical themes is that these typically only go half way through a story which will leave me waiting 3 months till the next release.
 Hetalia Beautiful World 7/28/14: I love this series. I am uncertain if it is getting worse or not as World Series was a true step down from Axis Powers. If you have not seen this series it is a lovely twist on world history. I still feel even at the worst the way they represent the different world countries is the best that we can do.
Mononoke 7/28/14: I have been interested in this spin off for a long time. I watched Ayakashi which was the parent series of this one and have been interested ever since. I do not know fully what to expect but I am interested.

Norma Rae 7/27/14: I am an oscar film collector. I had gone to Best Buy with my girlfriend to try to set up my DVD player. This Blu ray was in their bargain bin and well I need to get this movie in my collection. I have heard of it and I really want to get all the winners from 1979 as it is my birth year :).

The Demented 7/27/14: I was looking through the Best Buy bargain bin and my girlfriend wanted to see this film. I am uncertain about it but it was low priority.

Carrie 7/27/14: I really enjoyed this performance and I am a fan of the lead actress since I saw Kick Ass. Add this to the fact I really like Stephen King Film Adaptations and this is the perfect film. This was only $10 at Best Buy and made my last impulse buy.

Attack on Titan 8/2/14: Well Moviestop is having their 10th anniversary sale so I had to check it out and this was one of the top items on my list thanks to my friend helping me find it was available. I have heard excellent things about this series from day one but thought I couldn't afford it until now. It will happen but still need to get part 2.
Carrie 8/2/14: you know I have never seen the TV version of this and it is odd as I have seen the original and seen the newest version. I found this deep on sale and look forward to seeing this adaptation. I have not heard very good things about this particular version but then again I will know when I see it.
Dolls 8/2/14: I was really excited when I heard that Shout Factory is re-releasing this film on blu-ray. I admit that I am not going to be getting that version as the $3 version will suffice. This movie creeped me out as a kid. There is nothing in my mind quite as scary as living dolls.
Joe's Apartment 8/2/14: I saw this and got it as an impulse buy. I must say it is one of my favorite guilty pleasure. I can see why this wan't overly well received but at the same time there is a playful spirit with it and snarkiness that makes this pretty endearing.

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