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SeptumSin's Blue Ray & DVD 1/3/15

Hello and welcome back to this addition of the DVD and Blu Ray updates. This is a special edition as I went pretty much crazy due to black friday deals and christmas hauls and as this is the last one I will be doing for some time due to my recent new years resolutions and buying restrictions hang on as this is one heck of a ride. We are going to go through several areas which include, Costco, Moviestop, Target, Amazon, Rightstuff, Disney Movie Club, Barnes & Nobles and finally gifts.

Amazon: It is amazing how Amazon puts things on sale each year at this time for incredible prices some of which you have to act fast or they will disappear. I am hoping that this did not turn out to be the best sale year but it did have its moments.
Snow Day: I cannot wait for the first snow of the season! I have enjoyed this film as it harkened to the old days of Pete and Pete where nickelodeon had good stuff and fun writing. This film was less than $5 on so I added it to my order.
Harry Potter Hogwarts Collection: Amazon has some really good sales but this one caught my eye like no other. I have previously owned all the two disc dvd releases even the infamous Deathly Hallows Part 1. I finally decided to update to the Blu Ray Age with this collection that has all the features of the super special trunk set without the cost or coolness of the trunk set. Still Amazon has the best one yet.
Stein's Gate: Amazon does its own anime sale each year at around this time. I have wanted to get this set for a long time. Unfortunately this set is usually very very expensive and it still tops the top 100 anime.
Cat Planet Cuties: Again with Amazon's anime sale. Cat Planet Cuties came out for $12 and this was a fun looking series. I love Funimation's S.A.V.E. editions it makes anime even more affordable on high quality items.
Grumpy Cat's Worst Christmas Ever: This was not a sale item it was simply a must get item. I am so much of a grumpy cat fan that I not only saw the film as it came on Lifetime and then went after the DVD as a must have. This movie is mediocre at best but if you are a grumpy cat fan I would suggest it.
Tusk: This is yet another nice sale item. I feel that the pre-release price was spectacular. This is the most recent Kevin Smith Film and after watching Red State I know the man has a good mind for horror. I must try to see this very soon!
Zatoichi Darkness is his Ally: This was the last in the number of Zatoichi's many movies. Shintaro Katsu spent his life playing the blind samurai and this film written and directed by Zatoichi himself is the culmination of this effort. This one is a tad bloodier than the others and is also out of print. It was not included in the Zatoichi Criterion set so I had to get it to complete the franchise.

Barnes & Nobles: I usually Check out Barnes & Noble's Criterion Sale it is one of the few times where Barnes & Nobles Movies are affordable. After getting the store card I find it most comforting to go in November and July when the sales typically occur. They also had a recent British TV sale that had me chomping at the bit.
Zatoichi Criterion Collection:  My father has been into the blind samurai character for a long time now and I do believe he has a place in any good addition to any collection. This is a good blu ray extra transfer with a very nice art book and Criterions famous dvd extras.
Eraserhead: I have been curious about this movie for many years now and for $10 it was worth the trip to the Barnes & Nobel's sale.
Benny Hill Complete Megaset: Benny Hill entertained us for 19 seasons and again when he was re-run on Comedy Central. I used to watch him on a regular basis but like most british TV it is terribly expensive. When I saw it for $20 though I had to pick it up.
Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy:  I need to read this one day. I have heard though that this was much better than the full out movie to come out not long ago. This became a $10 cart topper for my order.

Costco: I love Costco and they have an unusual assortment of film. One day they had a short sale where every one of their movies were 50% off of there normally generous prices and this was something I could not resist.
What's New Pussycat: I had purchased this for my father as he loved this film. Costco has managed to obtain quite a few out of print movies on DVD and they were having a one day sale where most of the items were at 50% off the price and I had to jump on this being only $6. It is a gem of a movie even if Woody Allen and Peter Sellers hated it.  
Marty: Another $6 DVD from the Costco sale. I am trying to gain all the films that won Academy Awards in my collections and this is one of those. Again I look forward to seeing the best of the best.
Elmer Gantry: This was another of the $6 films. My friend showed me this film about a politician and the evils of the world. It did really earn its oscar win and is worth the watch.
Seperate Tables: Another of the Acadamy winning films that I got for $6. I have not seen this film or even heard of it but it is an academy award winner. 
Band of Brothers: This is rated as one of the better HBO series in relation to World War II. This has won so many awards that it is crazy good. It was also considered Crazy expensive. When I got this at Costco for $10 I couldn't help but purchase it.

The Pacific: I did get to see most of this one when I used to work on call and had to stay in a hotel. It is supposed to not be as good as Band of  Brothers but is the companion series. Again I got it for only around $10 it is an amazing buy.

Target: I made a journey to Target after black friday. I really enjoy to see the wreckage after the storm. I am usually surprised due to the continued generous sales on their products. I even picked up a $1 copy of Sixteen candles as a gift for a friend.
Arrow Seasons 1-2 DVD: I have been wanting to get hold of this series since it first came out. I used to be a comic book collector and really enjoyed the character of Green Arrow. I have heard that this series is really good and have been working on the new Flash series and it does very much please the comic nerd in me. I found both season one and two at Target on Black Friday for $10 each and after last year where I missed them and they went up fofr $30 a piece I had to grab these.
Lee Daniel's The Butler: $4 for a film that usually runs for $20 even if it is on DVD. I have wanted to see this Oscar Bate film since its release. I have a lot of hope for this movie but look to try and not hold it is overly high regard.
Catching Fire: This is a good series and it is worth having in one's collection. Black Friday seems to be useful for grabbing these up and for $9 this was a fun grab. This covers the second book in the series where we go for yet another Hunger Games and discover the underground rebellion
American Hustle: Good God $4! This was a film that had a lot of oscar talk but then was flicked off by the academy in the end. This film features wonderful performances especially by Bradley Cooper and Amy Adams. I am sad that this did not get an award that year.
Captain Phillips: Another $4 snob I have wanted to see this but as I was cramped for time I went for more likely winners. This year I don't know if I will have seen movie one that would be nominated.
300 Rise of an Empire: This is the 300 sequel that I hand't really intended to see until it was dirt cheap and I added it due to my OCD. Well Target obliged due to it being $4 and pushed it off on me. I am curious certainly but it can't really be that good can it?
A Good Day to Die Hard: I was surprised with this being $6 when the DVD was still $20. I wanted to complete the set yet again. I am wondering if these recent two would be a part of a separate set of movies instead of the main trilogy.
A Million Ways to die in the West: From the Creater of Family Guy and Ted and for $4 no less. I have been told that this is a disappointment but at the same time it is probably better (yet not as patriotic) as the interview.
Last Vegas: This has got to be one of the most fun movies of that year. I know it was $10 but it was worth it. This is a quality film and well worth the money. If you haven't sat down and seen this one then you need to do so.
The Expendables 3: This is one I had been sure I was getting for christmas as I had intended on watching it with my father over the holidays but it was not in there and I was drawn to Target after the season where it was on sale for $16. It may not be worth it but I feel drawn to them much the same.
How to Train your Dragon 2: This is a movie that actually could get a best animation nomination yet got next to no mention when it was playing. It was on sale for $9 and I had to pick it up.
Dallas Buyers Club: This was a much needed film and for the price it was right on the list for completion of the 2013 oscar winning films. Anyone who has not seen Matthew McConaughey's performance needs to check this out.
Ted: This was more expensive than I would have wanted at $6 but it was a must have as I love this comedy about a child who gets his wish for the perfect friend. Unfortunately the friend remains while the child is still an adult. If you have not seen this one you need to as it is classic comedy from the Family Guy Creator.

Disney Movie Club: I am very happy with the Disney Movie Club. They have a policy of where you can buy one film at full price and get most additional movies for 60% off. I really enjoy this type of sale especially for Disney vault film as they never go down in price.
Sleeping Beauty:  I have been meaning to get this converted up from my Chinese copy for years and now was just the time for this classic as it still has one of the coolest disney villians out there. If you haven't seen this I would suggest it.
The Wind Rises: This movie was supposed to be Miazaki's swan song film. This is a quality film from Studio Ghibli following the historic life of a Japanese architect spanning two world wars.  Due to the Disney Movie Club Sale this only cost me $11. I also picked up a copy of this for a christmas present to a friend.
Maleficent: Again with this purchase. I had been curious about this one and Disney offered a deal to buy this with the re-release of Sleeping Beauty. This film offers a different take on the story where you see Maleficent as the good guy. Something doesn't really seem to fit here for me when you have a hero called Maleficent.
Captain America the Winter Soldier: This is one of the second run of marvel movies and is worth the watch much like all the other marvel films. I started a new order after realizing that I would not obtain this as a Christmas gift and my new budget would not allow for it.
Guardians of the Galaxy: This was a fun ride and I had loved every minute of it in the theater. This was added to my Disney Movie Club order again in completion of the marvel second tier.
Marvel's Agents of Shield Season 1: This is also a part of the second Tier Marvel listings having a final connection to Captain America Winter soldier. I found the first half of the series pretty boring I must admit but have been told that it gets really good in the second season. I will see how it turns out.

Righstuf: has a great sale every year called the 12 days of anime. This sale will put up items for 90% off at times.
Sakura Wars The Movie:  This particular item was utilized to work on completing the the series since getting the TV series. I have only a few more adaptations to go I is sort of a mecha anime series but the mecha are these wooden barrel like things. I am very much looking forward to seeing this movie and hoping that it brings the fun spirit of the original series.
Kokoro Connect TV: Another 12 Days of Anime sale item. This series covers a group of High School Students who gain the ability to switch minds. I am really happy to finally get this normally expensive series. The animation is smooth and the characters are well written. I look forward to finally completing my viewing of this series.
Kokoro Connect OAV: This was in completion of the TV series above.
Love, Chunibyo & Other Delusions!: This has got to be my favorite purchase from this sale. It follows a young woman who is stuck in a fantasy land of her own creating. She hooks up with a young man who has just gotten over this behavior and latches on to him for a variety of fun adventures. If you like Haruhi Suzumiya then you will love this series.
Fantastic Adventures of Unico: I had this in my collection but I opened it to find that the DVD had been split open and it had been too long to exchange it. I got to watch this recently and relived my childhood. I really enjoyed this and the other set of films and look forward to showing my children one day.
Gatchaman TV + OVA: This was my first giant purchase from the website. This is a classic anime series that contributed to what anime was in america much like voltron. I must see this and even more importantly have it in my collection.
To Love Ru Darkness: This was made to complement the original series and follow the intergalactic assassin and the cast of characters that we have gotten to know and love. I have already gotten all the previous releases and look forward to this one.
Another: I keep being told that this is a must have horror series and I am fascinated by horror anime. With luck I will get to see this soon.
Baccano!: I have been wanting this series as it looks like a lot of fun. It also appears to be going out of print and this is one I felt I had to buy up before it disappears.
Otoboku: This is another one of those boy having to dress like a girl stories. I have seen it in the bargain bin for so long that when I saw it with another price cut I felt I was obligated to get hold of it.
Patlabor + OVA: This is a series that was on my sites as a classic for years and when it was re-released and then halved in price I had to snatch it up. I guess with this the OVA and the first two movies I am due to try and get the third movie and second ova.
Place to Place: I must admit this one and the one after really just impressed me by the covers and for under $20 it was worth me checking out. I am sure that I won't be disappointed.
Tari Tari: Again look at the cover art on this one. I don't know why else but I felt drawn to it. Maybe it will be a great run for me.
Early Reins: A cart topper that was cheaper than Shipping this has been shown on sale for many years now. It follows a young woman hoping to be sheriff in the wild west traveling with a bunch of western stereotypes on a gold train.
Blind Menace: The start of the Zatoichi series before Zatoichi this was a gift for my father but I also got a copy for myself to compliment my collection. I am very much looking forward to the viewing.
Magical Play: Another Cart Topper. This one has my curiosity as it was internet only and though the package says 4 episodes ANN claims it is 22. I need to check this out to see if I am lacking things.

Moviestop: I go to moviestop often but it is a habit I hope to curb this year. It has some nice sales but nothing huge and I had to turn in a pile of used films so this is what I got in return.
Santa Claus the Movie: I try to not go to Moviestop as it is an addictive habit. Many of their Christmas movies were on sale. I really enjoyed this movie as a kid and still love Dudley Moore's performance as the tech savvy elf. This film looks good on blu ray with the conversion.
Heroic Age: I have been curious about this series for a long time now and I saw it at the pile for $10. though the case is a little scratched up the Blu Rays are in good shape and $10 is the best price I could ever have paid. This series follows a space war with Mecha alien things and telepaths OH my!
To Kill A Mockingbird: This was also a cart topper to cover the store credit and a must have film about a lawyer sticking to his guns in a hostile environment. Blu Ray restoration was very kind to this film.
Now You See Me: I loved this film but had never had intention of paying more than the Black Friday Price of $10. So I had to wait a year to get it used for that price again. It is a fun movie about a group of magicians pulling the heist of the century.
Terminator the Sarah Conner Chronicles: With the new movie on its way out and the series having a direct connection I felt it was time to start off the series at least before I see the new film and for $10 a limited edition steelbook is a good deal.
Transsiberian: Woody Harrelson is one of my favorite actors and this was on my list for a while. It was the free movie in the buy three get one as it was only $3.99. I have wanted to see this again and hope to watch it again soon some day.

The Simpsons Seasons 1-16 & 20: This is half gift and half ebay purchase. A friend of mine sent me the first 8 seasons of the series. I decided out of habit to purchase the other seasons out. I am currently in the middle of watching the series and am on season Nine as we speak. would you believe that I had only seen 4 episodes of the series before this. 
The Simpsons Movie: I had gotten a gift of the Simpsons for Christmas so I had to complete what was out there due to my OCD. This was a simple $1.50 buy from ebay but it is as fresh to me as the time I saw it in theaters. Kind of makes me wonder if Stephen King got Under the Dome from this one.

5 Year Award: I have been employed by the same people for over 5 years and therefore I had earned some freebies and had to spend them before the time ran out.
Abraham Lincoln Vampire Hunter:  I found that this and one other item listed below met the point requirements. I have thought that this movie was fun and enjoyable but was not worth the money I would have paid for it.
The Wallflower:I have been wanting this series as I really enjoy the work of the person that put this series together. I was surprised that this actually on the list of Items I coudl get. I hope to get to watch this one very soon.

I love to get gifts and I love to give them more! This christmas Provided a lot of good gifts and have enjoyed the love of family and friends that I fully hold dear.
Legend of Korra Book Three Blu Ray: Well this was a gift from my wonderful fiancee who knows that I have an interest in the series but stopped about half way through due to one not being able to watch it as it aired and then not being able to find good quality streaming of the show. I do feel the show ended appropriately at four seasons though many would disagree. I do believe it is worth having in any collection.
Fairy Tail Volume 12-14: I have loved this series since the day I started watching it. I had to stop my purchasing for a while and now thanks to a present this has caught me up or at least for the next 6 months when I can buy again.
Mardock Scramble Third Exhaust: You know how odd it is to get all three parts of a series for presents and each on separate years? I have yet to watch this and hear mixed reviews.
Road to Ninja Naruto the Movie: You know I am getting a little tired of the series as I have been into Naruto Since its start many years ago. This is the second to last movie and I look forward to finally finishing the series. I still have three movies in this to finish off as I have only watched the first two. Still it is a good catching up gift.
Naruto Shippuden Volume 20: Again the series continues. I had finally caught up through 19 volumes and now have another one in front of me to complete. Oh well with the series over in Japan it is only a matter of time before it comes to an end in the states. Still it is worth watching in points.
Thor the Dark World: This film is another of the second Tier of Marvel films related to the Avengers. I have really enjoyed this one with Loki back in action but this time he is competing with another nasty character wanting to destroy the world for good. This film was a wonderful gift.
X-Men Days of Future Past: Another good comic book movie gift. You know I feel the X-Men movies are give and take where you have to suspend what you now from the comics and just let it flow in the current world. I though that this movie did do a great job of joining the two franchises that had been wandering around.
Her: One of the better releases of 2013 and a great gift. Her is about a man that falls in love with his computer's operating system and we get to see how the disembodied voice evolves into an all knowing presence as we examin the life of our Tom Selleck look alike. I like the future in this it feels...subdued.
 Upstairs Downstairs Series Three: I had bough the set off of ebay a while back and discovered my series three copy was scratched beyond watchability. I was given this as a replacement. This is the predecessor to Downton Abby though a little dryer. If you loved that show then this one is worth the watch. I will probably do a review on its completion.
 Sin City 2 A Dame to Kill For: I really loved the first Sin City Movie and the movie really made a splash. I was surprised it took so long for the 2nd film release. I have wanted to see this for some time and will be making a point of it soon.
Amazing Spider-Man 2: Another reported Lackluster sequel to a film franchise. This has been on my radar since it came out and I had trouble getting out to see it. My guess is that this is going to be on par to the third movie in the original series with too many villains for one film. Still Garfield does make a good spiderman and any film that utilizes web shooters is useful.
Gravity: This completes my Oscar Collection for the 2013 releases. This film with Sandra Bullock delivers an excellent thriller with non-stop action from the first screen. I feel that the special effects made it a must blu ray release I only regret that my mother got it when it was not $4 on Black Friday sale.
Angel Beats!: A friend of mine knew that I was interested in this series but could not fathom the price of it. I look forward to watching it and seeing it for myself.
Madlax: This series has an odd history of always going on the 12 Days of Anime sale and me always putting it on my christmas list so I never end up getting it. One of my friends heard me laugh about it and decided to break the 3 year pattern. I now guess I'll have to watch this one.
Muppets Most Wanted: This is my long interest in the muppets with the sequel to the wonderful revival film earlier in the 2000s. This movie follows Kermit and the gang going on world tour but unfortunately an evil russian frog seeks to take Kermit's place and pull off the heist of the century. This was not as good as the last film coming across to me much as Muppets take Manhattan did with the songs being placed really for the sake of having a song at times. Still the acting is fun and the muppets still fill the need to entertain.

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