Friday, January 2, 2015

Happy New Years Resolution Blog

Happy New Year all! I have been pretty quiet as of late as there have been a lot of scrambling and difficulty culminating in an ER visit over the New Year. As with many there will be a few changes made to this blog reflecting my resolution for the year. Of course the movie reviews will be continued at least for the time being but they will be more careful and calculated after I get through the backlog I have. Also the DVD & Movie acquisition will change being absorbed into my resolution updates which I plan on doing around 2-4x monthly. So lets get started with things.
 One of the things that really started me off this time round is my engagement to my beautiful girlfriend who said "yes". This is a big life changing event and I need to make suitable changes to make the transition to marriage and the eventual possibility of family.
I have been struggling and struggling with a schedule and two jobs that pay very little for the efforts working around 50-80 hours per week. I am now dedicating myself to even more work and effort to find a better job that pays enough to at least cover the two so that I once again am only working one job. Believe it or not I do like my second job but the fact that I operate in a state of perpetual exhaustion is no way to stay alive and to accomplish my current goals. I plan on applying to at least 1-3 jobs every week as my goal with hope to eventually find one that will make this complete.
DVD buying, engagement and household issues as well as an ill cat have made my finances spin out of control. I do not feel that I am at the worst. I have paid off all but one card and am making more than the minimum payment for each. I do need to get things under control as marriage is expensive and I need to keep my house from falling in. I have worked out a weekly budget that I started in November but was unable to keep up with due to black friday and the christmas holidays. Now thta those are over I have to get back to the budget. I have of course also been purchasing too many movies and Black Friday shows this point. So I am altering my buying guidelines. My previous Restrictions were limiting myself to films I needed to convert to Region 1 or A and to films and TV that I had collected a part of and needed to complete. I am now changing that to a state that will only make a change during my Birthday, Christmas time and when I finally have watched all the unwatched stuff in my collection. I will though have a few qualifiers that will allow me to purchase outside of these components: The item must be to convert a bootleg edition to region 1 or A or to complete a series that I have partially started. The item must be a limited edition that will either disappear (become out of print) or become more expensive if left too long. This is going to be one of the hardest issues as I have this as a weakness. This will be reflected in one of my last DVD & Movie update Blogs which will take many of you aback as to how much I spent!
 I am overweight and out of shape. I have trouble breathing when I go up the stairs and I constantly am feeling faint these days. I am also saddened by clothes not fitting me as they should. This will be done by increasing my exercise...slowly and working towards decreasing my caloric intake. Steps are already being taken but I will save that for my first update at the end of next week :). My Fiancee is working with me on this and I hope that our combined support will make this possible.

Well that is a lot and i am certain that you all have other things on your list for important New Years Resolutions. Until I see you all again.

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