Friday, January 2, 2015

DVD Movie Review #156 Amityville Dollhouse

Hello again and welcome to my DVD movie review. This time we are reviewing Amityville Dollhouse. This is the last of the Amityville movies that I have in my collection I don't know weather to be relieved or excited about this point. The movies are a little campy but then again there is something about them that keeps bringing me back.

This movie stars a little family of two parents and their combined children both getting over the losses they had suffered and trying to get along together with their new union in a new house. The father discovers an old yet familiar dollhouse and after the present for his girl got destroyed in an accident he makes the mistake of giving her the cursed dollhouse with its own stock of cursed dolls. Can they survive?

Well I certainly can survive the horror. I actually liked this this one much better than the others other than the first. The effects are far better but that's what you expect from the 90s. I think that they were trying hard with the sex scenes to attract a younger audience. I felt that the plot though reused countless times was ok in this instance. As I went in with low expectations I must admit this exceeded them well.

In the end this is still another Amityville movie. The plot is not that original and the characters are acted at a low level. I cannot say there is much left to be said about this film that has not been said before I am just glad that they left the flies out of this one.

In the end this is an ok movie should you have the shot at it cheap.

Rating:  6/10

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