Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Resolution Update #1

Hello and welcome to my first week of updates. I had been working on my resolutions and have made some updates. It is a long road to a wedding that is only a few short months away.

Well I have been working on fitness and wellness goal. The first step in things is downloading the Myfitnesspal app to count the various calories I have been eating and balance it with exercise. I have unfortunately been having a little bit of an issue.
Food and me are in a never ending battle. I love food...but food doesn't care for me as evidenced by my weight and my acid reflux. I have been trying to stay under a certain level of calories when I am eating but I am still getting the hang of things. I have been drinking smoothies more often and watching the numbers. Even thought the numbers are beating me about 50% of the time I am hopeful that things will improve.
Well my exercise was derailed this week due to a case of the flu. The weather changing on a daily basis in the extreme hurt the recovery time leaving me weak and still slow. This will be back.
My job hunt is continued as I did make my goal of applying to 2 jobs this week. I am hoping that things will improve as this is a cool opening. I am also looking at an internal opportunity for next week as well. I have applied for the second week in a row and this time for a senior clinician job offered internally I have high hopes.
My budget took a rather big his over the last two weeks. I have been working on trying to keep charge of it but I am making a little headway by staying within my budget for food over the last few weeks and I have had a few good things.
My Little Girl continues to struggle with IBS and a Thyroid condition. I had to get bloodwork for her which ran $200, her food which ran $55 and then her medication which ran $40. This is all so I can be told that she has to get more blood work for yet another $200.
This made me sad and I decided to break my rule a little and eventually spending the last of my remaining credit at Moviestop for the blu ray of Sharknado 2 (which was worth every moment of my viewing time). This was one of the sad things missing from my christmas list but now it is safe and snug in my collection.
Of course I had to watch this and it reminded me that I did not have these games anymore when I sold my Playstation 2. I had to go by Gamestop during a massive sail so I ended up picking up 1.5 and 2.5 which would have me back in with these games again.
I also ended up getting this back as it is now incredibly cheap and these were arguably some of the best final fantasy games out there.
Finally X-Box had a really REALLY good sale on their lego games. The Levo Movie Game was marked down from an average of $50 to only $10. I have been playing on it ever sense and am loving the heck out of it.
This game normally $40 and bought up for $5 I got for me and my fiancee to play. I think she was as excited as I was. This is one I am really going ot have a lot of fun with.
Of course I had to get a controller for her to play with me on the x-box. This is the last of my purchases but I feel sad and guilty yet I will keep going and keep hoping that I will be able to start kicking down my bills so that I can get married this year.

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