Monday, March 16, 2015

DVD Movie Review #158 Of Dice and Men

Hello all! It has  been a while but I am returning with a run that is worth it. I have been following these people for a long time now and though I really want to I have not read the source material. I am a gamer and I love films about gaming. When I see another film coming out about gaming I can't wait to track it down and see it. This film was based off a play that I now really want to see and a book I really want to read. Of course I have not gotten to the source material so this review is all about the film. 
Lets talk about the plot of the film. Our hero and Game Master is preparing to move on with his life putting his game books away and moving on to adulthood. What he doesn't realize is that his friends are also hiding surprises of their own. Can they resolve their issues and feelings for one another before the last crit hits the table? 
As I have said before, I am an avid follower of gaming movies. Many of them tend to have the same aspects that drive home the point that gaming is fun but we all must eventually move away from it and be adults. This story is very different. Gaming is not the villain though it is a living breathing character in the movie. The actors do the best I have seen in the vast majority of gaming films. They seem to be very much into what they are doing, it isn't a joke it is a way of life. In the end we learn that gaming isn't the childish thing we need to put behind us. It is about what we need to with ourselves to make us better people in the end. I am kind of ashamed that I got a little emotional at the scene where one character sacrifices themselves for the other. 
This film is a tad darker than the comedy that it is billed as. I am at times worried I'm watching Fellowship of the Dice again (Don't want to go back there that one was too real for me). Otherwise if I was judging this on the blockbuster level I would have some issues with the level of effects. 
So there you have it. Short and sweet probably one of the best gaming films I have seen in my time. This is a medium that any person should check out if anything to get a different overall feel in the genre. 

Art:  7
Entertainment: 9
Total:   8

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