Monday, March 23, 2015

Glee in Retrospect !Spoilers!

It has been a long road since 2009 when a scruffy bunch of teens sung their way into our hearts. I feel that it is only fitting that a retrospective be made for my last look at the series (well probably not the last but definitely the last time I will feel the need to watch it). I will run quickly through each season with my take on the ups and downs to give a final farewell.

The series started really big with Season one, especially the first half where our hero is reliving his past glory by taking on the glee club. He takes a bunch of unpopular teens and pairs them with a few of the popular kids to make it farther than they had made it before. Little did he know that he would find an enemy in the iconic Sue Sylvester the coach of the Cheerio Cheer Leading team.

This season had some iconic moments like the first time they would sing Don't stop believing. The season was very strong hooking us all with a super hard and fast first half and a weaker but still strong second half. This also introduced the iconic relationship between the awkward Miss Pillsbury and our Married hero. Not winning nationals was a brave choice for them to make but the team did get closer in the end. This was easily the best season in the series and what got me to watch the other 5.

Season two takes up with New Directions in full action. They are coming down off their high of winning State and are on cloud nine...too bad for them this year is to be a tragic one. With our gay lead taking the big hits from a bully from the football team he goes to a Private School where he is introduced to our other Gay Character Blaine and the Warblers.

Be prepared to cry often as this season dwells on down moments. There are very few up moments during the entire season with continued problems and rifts forming between the characters. This is a hard season to get through and I felt this was a really REALLY big down step. There were only two good things about this season: The Warblers and the Christmas Episode. The Sue the Grinch Episode is well my favorite in the series. So do yourself a favor and watch the Warblers Watch the Christmas episode but stay away from the rest.

Season three follows the crushing blows from the second season with a newly reunited New Directions. They are determined this time to win the gold and finally make it before they finally leave for good. This time we deal with the 'final' clash between the Cheerios and the New Directions as they tackle issues such as learning who Rachael's mother is, finding out where to go after they graduate and coping with their most difficult challenge the original song.

This season was a come back from the second season and really should have been the last in the series. I felt that it tied up a lot of loose ends in the relationship between our choir director and the guidance counselor. It resulted in very positive wins for everyone and a lot of the tragedy, though present partially was for the most part absent throughout the series. The work they did with Brittany and Santana as well as my favorite glee character Lord Tubbington added more levity and depth. This would have been a perfect end to an overall good series.

Of course the series much go on. We decide continue with a new crowd at the high school and our kids in New York. Fenn is settling down to try and take over the new directions while trying to reconcile his life. The left over Glee kids look to graduate and the new kids have trouble of their own.

This really is a non-discript season. Splitting the two sections did not work well. If they were to continue they needed to pick one group and just let the other go. The stories didn't advance at an even pace and even the addition to Whoopie Goldberg didn't save this one.

Season 5 dealt with the death of Finn and the glee kids trying to find their way with their arts classes being in Jeopardy with a vindictive and at the same time kind Principal Sylvester. The high school arc finally is ended leaving us to finally concentrate on the New York Arc crew for better or for worse.

I do like that they added Adam Lambert this time around. Though this season wasn't as bad as the fourth one I feel that they had a lot of glaring issues that lead to the series being canceled. I have felt that they wanted to dwell a bit too much on teen sex being appropriate and the one kid's eating disorder. The character of Sue Sylvester I feel had deteriorated over the years and this season shows her totally being insane with the benevolent and even handed sue balanced out with the "I will kill you all" Sue. This is sad with the character being a friend on one episode and seemingly forgetting it all in the next. I feel the writers were asleep at the wheel for season 4 & 5.

Season 6 finds our glee kids in a bit of a pickle. They have been out in the wold and have come back to the high school that made them as failures. They must work to revive the Glee Club for the last time in order to fight it out and save the arts once and for all.

This Season was short but easily the most solid since the first. I did enjoy the way that they tied this one up. The episodes were uneven but they did have enjoyment value that the others in the past have not. The last three episodes were very well written and for the end they managed to bring back the whole of the cast to see you off.

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