Sunday, March 1, 2015

Theatrical Movie Review #2 Kingsman: The Secret Service

Hello All! Welcome to the second installment of my Movie reviews. Last week I started out my 2015 with the god awful film, Fifty Shades of Grey. I had planned on following it with Kingsman the day after but we had a nasty winter storm that prevented us from going. We set up to see the movie the next week yet the weather again kept us from seeing it. The weather then kept us from traveling to see my parents this weekend but it was not bad enough for local travel allowing us to finally see this film.
Eggsy is a troubled youth living with the mysterious death of his father and the fact that his mother remarried a crooked bad guy. Eggsy is definitely on the wrong path here but he is a rather stand up guy. When he and his friends take a little joyride he takes the fall for his friends leaving him with no place to turn except for the number his mother left him to call when he needed help. Sure enough he was out of jail with no charges and a finely dressed gentlemen waiting at the door. Our gentlemen, Harry takes a liking to young Eggsy, being previously acquainted with the boy's father and offers him a chance to be one of the major elites in the spy world, a member of Kingsman. While our boy is training we have yet another plot in the works. An internet billionaire by the name of Valentine has concocted a scheme that will shake the very foundation of the world and only the Kingman can stop him.
I had my doubts when I went to see this. When I spend $100 for two people eating lunch at a matinee I tend to be very choosy about what I see when I go. This movie, to me looked to be a combination of Agent Cody Banks and Old School Bond.  In the end this movie reminded me more of a Roger Moore Bond film. For those that are not familiar with Roger Moore's take on Bond it involved creative and strange villains with a bit of cartoonish humor added. Kingsmen has two starts really, our young hero Eggsy and our Veteran spy Harry. The Performance of both actors was believable and enjoyable, Colin Firth was out of his element in this part and played it masterfully he was a great action hero. It was reported that he did his own stunts and that further impresses me. Teron Egerton does a believable job but I will explain more later. I also love Sam Jackson's character in this. We talk about out of the box acting and he does exactly that. From the mannerisms to the way that he talks it shows me that we tend to overlook Sam Jackson and his ability to perform in many situations. Now he needs to take on another oscar bate role and collect his acting due. The action was great and the comedy fit in very well making it less campy than a Moore film and more of a slight homage to one. With the combination of acting and writing this is a very fun action film that I will be proud to have in my collection.
   This movie is not an award winner nor is it a piece of art nor is it trying to be. The only thing I have against this film is that it still leaves a slight Spy Kids/Cody Banks taste in my mouth. Teron Egerton is not a kid but the way he plays the part gives it a kid feel and I feel this is on purpose to draw the disney channel kid crowd. Sophie Cookson also lends to this giving me the thought that this is geared towards a younger crowd than me. In truth this is the major bad point of the film.
So in the end you have a very nice action romp that is fun for the whole family bring the kids get the popcorn and enjoy.

Entertainment:     8/10

Art:     7/10

Rating:   7.5/10

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