Friday, October 5, 2012

My Obsession

I have very few vices these days, gave up sodas for over a year now, don't drink don't smoke. I used to collect comics but I don't to that anymore :) . I  still have one obsession left that hasn't burned and that's movie collecting. I have well over 2000 titles and that's a nice variety. I may insert a video later on giving a closer look at my collection.

Today I will go over the psychology that has grown my collection so large it comes from a few select facts.

1. I lived in Emporia for 6 years of my life and couldn't go out after work. I was bored and video games were starting to bore me this is really where my obsession took off.

2. I am in competition with a friend of mine who is one of the few to have a collection to rival my own. Because of this rivalry I have the obsession to collect sets and items that would make him Jealous like the Dark Shadows collection so I could beat him on having a TV show with a larger episode count.
3. I have not collected for this reason in a few years now due to the size of my collection but at one time I used to collect just to add to my collection as I felt it was small. (Not so anymore)

4. I have a little OCD which compels me to get all perceived sequels to TV series or movies even if they are bad ones. Shows that have long seasons like cheers or Ranma and really cause a problem due to the size of them. (Sad but I still have Dark Shadows stuff to collect)

5. Deals...I have a hard time not taking a deal. The Above was bought easily for half what it is going for now and many of my DVDs where bought on sales when they wouldn't have been bought normally.

Either case this is a little window into my obsession I hope you enjoy it and keep in mind I don't get fully behind in my bills for mine just yet.

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