Wednesday, October 3, 2012

The great debate

As it is coming close I would like to weigh in on the upcoming presidential debate. There are currently two views as to how this debate will turn out so I shall summarize them both up.

The Left: President Obama is an excellent speaker and is 50x smarter than Governor Romney could ever be he will talk circles around Governor Romney and easily show how the difference.

The Right: President Obama is a fool who faked his college education and couldn't tie his shoes without a teleprompter. Governor Romney will beat him down during the debate.

Personally I don't believe that any of the two will show any promise tonight. The debate will be a dancing contest to see who is the best at avoiding answering the questions asked to them. Neither candidate wishes to be specific on what they want to do as many are certain they would lose voters if they take a concrete stance. I will give Governor Romney the edge as he doesn't have a presidential track record behind him and can remain more of a mystery.

My final assessment is that the debate will be a yawn fest filled with stupid quips and no substance.

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