Tuesday, October 9, 2012


"They tell me that cats can't be trained." That's the phrase that started me thinking as I spoke with my Girlfriend tonight. She replied "I never said that" and well I had to agree with her as she did not but "they" did.

Who are "they" you might ask and you'd be well justified. "They" are everyone and nobody at the same time. "They" can have any opinion and can contradict themselves yet not be hypocritical or they are always hypocritical even if maintaining consistency.

Society loves generalizations (see I just made one) and it can be utilized many many times over. We like to use generalizations when we feel the world is against us or for us or when we're too lazy to site our sources.  In many cases there is no reason for the generalization at all.

Many people tend to Generalize things based on an isolated incident such as a politician messed up one time so therefore everything the politician has ever done and will do is a mess up. You eat at a fast food restaurant and get sick due to a bad hamburger, from that point out every restaurant in the chain serves bad hamburgers.

As a society we like rats have learned that when something turns us down we tend to protect ourselves by shunning everything like the thing that did us harm. You know when a rat eats poison and survives it will not go near that particular poison again. Rat society will aslo not go near the poison if it is observed.

I present to you all that we are trying to not be rats and we need to pay more attention to society as a whole and not put so much stock in generalization. We need to give things more of a chance and  be what we are meant to be... "Human Beings".

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