Thursday, October 25, 2012


Well with the continuing plodding towards the election things become more and more polarized in their way of thinking as the parties become more and more extreme those in the middle tend too be eaten up in the battle for power.

I myself consider myself a left leaning moderate but many would not see it that way in this day and age. Even if I speak with people who are also left leaning they could accuse me of being a right wing nut job.

Where does this come from these days? It seems even if you disagree with a pundit on a single point they call you an extremist for the other side. Why is it that you have to be 100% to the left or right? What is wrong with being a moderate anymore?

The answer is quite simple, if you have a moderate then the person may be convinced to vote for someone that is not in your party if they are nasty enough. It is far better to scare the moderates back into their corners because that way the control is there and they are not given the chance to think for themselves. If this is accomplished you can put up the most evil individuals in the world and they will be to scared to vote for anyone else.

I can come up with two recent examples within the last decade. Under Bush many of his followers had become sick of him and his administration so they used scare tactics such as the color coded terror system to convince you that if you were to vote for the other guy it would be a vote for the terrorists. This is how the Patriot act got passed (this law was anything but patriotic). On the other side many of the democrats have used a measure of guilt in their tactics leaving the people to believe a vote against the president is a vote for intolerance and bigotry.

Many on both sides will deny these tactics were used, and for some they were not but there were many in each of the groups that made such problems for the rest. These people need to be expelled from the system as they are not worthy of participating in the game.   

I know many of my audience here are polarized already but I ask you to please take care in who you vote for by trying at least to look at them as individuals and not as the party they stand with.

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  1. Note to those who have commented to me about the color coded sysrem. I know it was historicly established long before the administration took powe, this is why I did not use the word 'establish' in my discription. The point is how the system was used under President Bush not that he established it. Sorry if my statement caused confusion