Friday, October 18, 2013

DVD Box Series #5: I Love Lucy Collection

I Love Lucy Collection 

Here we are again with another box set review. This time it is the I Love Lucy Box set. This series is an epic and important series that defined the sitcom. I used to watch this series a lot as a child and a teenager and to this day have been glad to have finally obtained this set.

The Packaging is rather solid containing a nice heart shaped box that has two little wallets containing the discs of the series. It also contains a nice booklet that has nice pictures and info on each episode of the series. My problem with these sets is that they tent to be prone to scratching and I worry about how long this series will last in the current case. The Hard plastic shell is also delecate and should not be opened too often otherwise it will break. Due to this flaw I can only give this a 7/10.

The content is really nice including all of the I love Lucy show including the original pilot, the Lucy & Desi comedy hour and the I love Lucy Movie. I am really pleased to see this show finally fully released and could easily pick an episode to watch over and over again. The cultural issues are still a little behind the time but at the same time it does give you a full impression and some of the comedy still works. Because of the fun acting and wonderful ensemble this is a series that will stand the test of time. 9/10

Of course when we talk about content lets talk bonus features. There are several featurettes and it includes old commercials as well as excerts from the original radio show that had started it all. You also get some restored opening animations as well as tv spots that make this a fun ride. I love Lucy the Movie is probably one of the best special features that gives you that extra boost. 8/10

In the end here is the summary:
Case:                                        7/10
Content:                                   9/10
Quality of the Show:                 8/10
            Total Rating:              8/10

Now I am sure you are asking yourself “where can I get this and what will it cost me?” I love as it helps me check many many stores at one time for the best deal. is also a good place for anime and asian sets when they start to go out of print. I will give you the best used and new price as per that site*.

*Please note that these deals change day to day so the prices could get better or worse. The prices are for these specific editions so you may find the show for a better deal.  

Average set:     New     $82.97 ebay
                        Used    $67.94 

I managed to find this particular set on amazon for about $60 when I originally bought it so you may still be able to get a deal there.

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