Wednesday, October 30, 2013

DVD Movie Review #9 The Clown Murders

Hello All! I hope you guys are enjoying your week as this is the last week of the scary stuff and then on to the other holiday stuff. Today we have a lovely movie from the early films of John Candy which by the way was not a comedy but a horror film of all things. I bring you the Clown Murders. 

Ok We start with our intrepid heroes being members of a nice little country club on the verge of a lovely little halloween party. It turns out that one of the characters is sweet on a girl that just got married and is getting rid of the house that meant so much to them. Of course they decide to do what any sensible friends would do and that's dress up as clowns knock out the husband and kidnap the girl. You know, as a joke....ha ha...idiots...
Well they manage to kidnap the girl but realize much to their surprise that the police are out looking for them. After going through a bunch of foul ups with the police showing continuously how stupid they are they end up in a house where they hold up until they can figure something out. They of course then have fun going at each other pointing fingers and contemplating murder. And of course somewhere at this part a clown murderer shows up. 
I do not lie to you, this is a very very VERY boring story with action and possible terror happening only in about the last 20 minutes of the film I must say that the other hour and change goes to show you how incompetent the characters are and how bad things can get when you are drunk and mad at one another. I will say that John Candy is present throughout the film which is much better than "It seemed like a good idea at the time" where he gets high billing yet hardly shows his face. Other than being boring the acting is only so so and the visual is terrible. This movie was fuzzy from start to finish. Above is proof of the film quality and that John Candy is indeed in this film. 
Finally I am of course going to talk about the "killer clown" as pictured above. They give him a demonic resounding voice for some reason still unknown to me. After making a half hearted attempt and eventually adding a little to the small death toll. I know that showing the clown's Identity in the end is to make a point to the plot but it is lost on me. I am not even certain this character was needed. Other than that and some creepy clown music (which is much better than the lame keyboard soundtrack that this movie is focused on) you are pretty much lacking in the scare department. 

I give this movie a 4/10 due to it being very very Boring. I am posting a scary pic below just so you can get a little terror from this  :) 

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