Saturday, October 12, 2013

DVD Movie Review #1 Elvira's Haunted Hills

Hello all! I am known as a very avid movie collector and have an extensive collection with over 3000 entries. I am as a writing exercise trying to increase my work by writing reviews of dvds in my collection as I watch them. As I am not always watching the special features right away I am will going to cover my take of the movie.

I have been a very sad horror junkie as I have been largely unfamiliar with Elvira's work being more familiar with Vampira. She of course decided to take a comical look at the classic horror genre with this movie. AS we all know which hills she's referring to.

This movie stars Elvira and her ever eager assistant as they make their way through good old world europe on the way to entertain. She of course is side tracked by a haunted adventure involving ghosts, mystery, murder and laughter in this quirky little homage adventure.

Let me start with what I liked about this particular adventure and that is of course the homage to the late Vincent price. If you are familiar with Price's movie coverage of Edgar Allen Poe's work then you will be slightly entertained by the numerous mentions in this film. It also takes a nice comical touch that lends it to be fun at times and letting you know that at no time you are to take this serious. The visual effects are actually surprisingly good for a film of this level.

Now I must say that as a negative this movie can get a little boring at times and the characters are grossly over or under acted. Elvira herself I am sad to say is pretty much just a pretty face with two "haunted hills" and not much in the acting talent. The story is a bit patched together and I am uncertain at times if they are all solidly connected.

Well otherwise I must say overall this film offers mild entertainment a few good homage points and some nice "haunted hills" but otherwise I'd say this film is a wash. 

In the End I give this film a 5/10 rating. 

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