Sunday, October 27, 2013

DVD Movie Review #8 The Secret of Crickley Hall

The Secret of Crickley Hall

Yay! This is the last one for a while until I can get back to watching again. This movie from our friends at BBC is a nice little 3 part TV movie eventually amounting to 3 hours. It is a nice little haunted tail that can pull you in for more.

The Secret of Crickley Hall is a tail about a family plagued by the possible death of their missing son. They move out to Crickley hall on a job for the husband in an attempt to forget the past. Unfortunately things only get worse as the mother keeps hearing her son and believing him alive along with having the mystery of the death of the orphanes that used to inhabit this old english building.

As creepy places go Crickley hall does an excellent job of having you look over your shoulder hearing the voices of children running around or being beaten by the place's cruel headmaster. The tone of this is overall slow over the last three hours and it takes the end of the first episode before your interest is fully involved. The scares are to the minimal level with a creepiness about the place and the scenes with the headmaster can be very intense especially if you don't like seeing violence towards children.

The story takes place on two fronts with the first being in the present with the family dealing with the loss of their child and playing with the ghosts. The other front deals with the past back in 1943 telling the story of the children and headmaster we see as ghosts in the present. The past story and mystery that unfolds has an element that draws one in and has you guessing until near the end. The overall story makes you also wonder about weather the missing child is still alive as well till the end. I of course will leave that answer to you when you see this.

I do really think the cast is good here with the acting being solid and believable. It does end up having a slight soap opera feel to it by the end. The music is also quite nice as well not over involved. I am not terribly involved in the story and had a hard time getting into it. As a three hour movie it may be better to be split up. I think that if you are looking of a scary film then this is not the movie for you but as a mysterious daytime haunting this movie does certainly fit the bill.


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