Sunday, October 13, 2013

DVD Movie Review #2 Uncle Sam

Well I know things are speeding up a bit but I am trying to keep my self at a pace not long after I've watched a film so here I go with my next review for Uncle Sam :)

You know I see this film in the movie store and you know I just had to get it how many people can resist a cover like this?

This movie is much better than I thought it would be but this could cause the same problem which is that it is a little too serious to be made full mockery of but not serious enough to be a truly scary movie. The movie follows a child and his mother who I think live with her sister in law as her husband "Sam" died in action and of course came back as an undead american hero with murder on his mind.

Well Among other things...

The movie's acting is not too terrible yet doesn't really warrant anything special which takes out the laughter factor. There are some amusing spots with many of the less desirable in the movie getting kills and of course having Issac Hayes involved makes everything better :)

Uncle Sam in the end is a lovely little tail of murder seen by most people many times and yet at the same time there is something lightly amusing about a man in an Uncle Sam Costume slaughtering everyone in sight.

With that I will wrap up and give this movie a raging of 4/10.

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New     $9.44

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